Best of the Web: Rowan concert |

Best of the Web: Rowan concert

I saw this concert and was amazed by such great talent from all musicians (guitar & singing). Wish I hadn't booked a babysitter because my girls would have loved it!

— strangebird

RED Contemporary

Congratulations on your newest studio, Susan and friends. We are so lucky to have you and your energy in Steamboat!

— sparkle

Buff Pass fee

Neither the Routt Powder Riders nor Friends of the Backcountry run a commercial operation in that area. Blue Sky West (powder cats) is permitted for 2,200 people a year and they charge $400 a seat. That's $880,000 being generated by the use of the American people's land. They should be happy to pick up some trash. They should also play a part in expanding the parking lot. But they will fight any parking expansion bitterly because of their ownership issues with that area.

The Routt Powder Riders volunteers hundreds of hours on the forest grooming trails, marking trails and keeping a very expensive groomer running at no cost to taxpayers. That puts them way ahead of Friends of the Backcountry on service and way below the Powder Cats on profit.

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I agree we need to govern ourselves, and I believe most of us do despite our sometimes coarse tone. I could live with the fees, and I think most sledders could deal with fees, but they expect to have a parking space. They also darn sure expect everyone who uses the lot to pay equally.

— sledneck

Steamboat service

I've been here going on 6 years now. One of the most attractive features of the Yampa Valley when I first arrived was how laid back & friendly everyone was. I've noticed a marked decline in that sense of civility and hospitality during the intervening period, and it's too bad. Smiling and saying "good morning" to a stranger doesn't cost anything, nor does providing directions to a lost visitor. If that means I'm "smoozing," guilty as charged.

— Sep

700 vote

I can appreciate your concerns about Steamboat 700. Without question residents, living on the west end of town in the unincorporated areas will be impacted. Wishing that residents outside of the present city limits of Steamboat Springs could vote is a misdirection of energy and passion. Wishing it were different is not going to make it so.

Recognize that if you want to give voice to your concerns, it will not be in the form of a ballot. To put it bluntly — if you want a voice in the decision, you are going to have to put money, time and energy where your passion is. That is the cold hard reality for all those living outside of the city limits of Steamboat Springs. To keep wishing it was different is silly.

— scottford

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