Best of the Web: New Victory Highway |

Best of the Web: New Victory Highway

After living in this park for 9 years, it brings a tear to my eye to see it being ruined by this road. I considered West Acres to be the most beautiful park in the country. I am grateful for the 15 years I lived in Steamboat and am saddened to see "progress" ruin the charm it had to accommodate the almighty dollar.

— Steamboatdog

Thanking veterans

Thank you so much Shane for what you did in the Marines. Thank you for reinventing our wrestling program we are very blessed to have some one so willing to give of himself for our community. You are a great man, Shane Yeager!

— obamanation

Recycling information

Sarah and Janet, thanks for the terrific job organizing the 'Talking Green' series. The evening was enjoyable, well attended and a great learning experience. The Smokehouse has been the beneficiary of more frequent patronage by our family simply by hosting . …

We have found the volume of recyclables is twice as large as the non-recyclable rubbish. Every other week for trash pickup would suit us but is revenue lost for WM.

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I wish the City Council would consider a "if it can't be reused or recycled" deadline/protocol to limit products like polystyrene and other non-biodegradable plastic products from being used as packing of our products into our city.

— stormpeakco

Skatepark finished

Team Pain deserves a very big "Job Well Done!" for the way they came in so late in the season and completed Phase I before much snow arrived.

The design and workmanship quality are excellent. There are so many features both familiar and innovative, and every inch of concrete is rideable. Skaters will be finding new lines and new challenges almost endlessly.

As for the time of year the construction occurred, it is frustrating for skaters to have winter close the door without at least a few test rides. However, if it had been put off until next season, it would be mid-summer before it would be at this point of completion.

Also, the cool temperatures and less intense sunshine of the fall allowed the concrete finishers to take their time and get a perfect surface.

— paul_brabenec

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