Best of the Web: LIFT-UP donations |

Best of the Web: LIFT-UP donations

Here are some guidelines for those who would donate:

If it needs a little mending, it's trash.

If it has stains on it, it's trash.

If you think someone else will take the time to finish it or repair it, it's trash.

No matter how good your unlaundered, brand-name stuff is, when it rides around during mud season in the back of your car with your dogs, it is trash.

There is no facility that will wash, mend and work the stains out of Junior's favorite shirt that sold at Walmart for $3 the first time around.

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No broken zippers, no shoes that just need a little Shoe-Goo, no stuffed animals or items that you even think might be carrying mold spores or nits.

Please do not clean out your garage on Sunday and unload your stuff at the door.

When you donate, stay and go through it with whoever works there and don't be crestfallen or defensive when you find that 70 percent of the stuff you brought is going straight to the Dumpster. Then ask how many times that Dumpster is emptied every month and at what cost. Realize your responsibility when you find you can't even give your stuff away.

If your attitude remains "They oughta be grateful," then you are not being charitable.

— Taken4m

Triple Crown

We seem to have had just about enough of Triple Crowners and are ready to move on with other activities and clientele. Chamber needs to get off its "comfort horse" and get some work done bringing in other groups.

Before entering a new contract with Triple Crown let's see how many problems we will encounter with the adult softball tournament over 4th July.

— addlip2U

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