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Best of the Web for May 20

— No to random testing

Doing random testing leaves the district open for discrimination or “targeting” allegations. Check everybody or nobody. We would be better off to have kids “checked at the entrance” to school events, rather than “randomly” selecting individuals.


Good job, Allison

I’d like to thank Allison (Plean) for her comprehensive coverage of our diverse arts scene, delivered with enthusiasm, energy and skill. I hope somebody at the Today is taking a good hard look at the continuing turnover of editorial staff.


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Catch the wind

And why can’t a wind farm be established in the windy unpopulated areas in Routt and/or Moffat counties? Even most nonbelievers in global climate change can’t argue against the revenue for farmers and ranchers (roughly $6,000 per unit per year), the county tax generation, reducing year round aerosolation of mercury from burning coal and augmenting the employment diversification outlook for installation and maintenance. This would also support the new Vesta blade plant being established outside of Loveland and further reinvestment in Colorado.


Maintain perspective

Let’s face it – parking will always be a problem. Managing the resources we have regarding parking is important. Complaining about change is apparently a pretty active pastime for many. Having lived in a very heavily populated city for a number of years has tempered my perspective. Walking 6 to 10 blocks means parking is difficult and a potential problem. I liked how things were just five years ago, but I find the changes to Steamboat exciting.


Moved to act

When the City and County formed the Housing Authority through an intergovernmental agreement, I decided to volunteer. I was appointed by a committee made up of City Council members and county commissioners. I served on that board for two years before accepting a position to finish a program started by RALF and subsequently transferred to the YVHA. I then resigned from the previously mentioned BOD. I volunteered because it seemed too many friends were leaving town because they could not get ahead financially and buy a property of their own. There just were not enough opportunities. I was moved to act. The Housing Authority is trying to create opportunities for the 25 to 40 year old have a choice to stay, if they choose that opportunity. I am not naive enough to think we can help everyone, but maybe a few. Deed restrictions may not be the answer, but many believe it is a good tool for now, maybe some better idea will come along.