Bernard A. Gagne: Colorado discriminates against seniors |
Bernard A. Gagne, Oak Creek

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Bernard A. Gagne: Colorado discriminates against seniors

— I recently moved here from Massachusetts, and I feel that as a senior citizen, the state of Colorado is discriminating against me. Back in Massachusetts, I was given a fishing license for free, and Colorado is supposed to do the same. But the Division of Wildlife here says I have to be a resident for six months to qualify. Doesn't sound right to me — I could be dead in six months.

Seniors should be seniors no matter what state they're in. I just spent $3,000 to $4,000 of my Social Security income to get here. Funds are very tight, and still, Colorado wants to charge me $56 to throw a worm or lure in the water.

Because discrimination is a federal offense, how about it, my new congressman, what can you and will you do about this illegal situation? Or do I have to continue fishing illegally so I can be put in jail for my final years?