Barbara DeVries: Facts missing |

Barbara DeVries: Facts missing

Regarding the Aug. 27 letter to the editor about the Steamboat Springs Health and Recreation Association:

Obviously Ms. Lowe does not have the same opinion as many of us do about the SSHRA. In the 38 years, six days per week that I swim, I have never seen either a hairball or slime in the pool or the locker rooms.

The slime she alludes to is probably mycelium, a naturally occurring algae in the source pool and has been around forever. The hot pool, on occasion, has small twigs, leaves, suicidal bugs, and once in a great while a vole (a small, nearly blind rodent) who hasn’t even paid his dues.

If the writer’s facts in the rest of her letter are as wrong as the above, I can only say that it is a very mean-spirited letter without basis in facts.

Barbara DeVries

Steamboat Springs

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