Banks, police battle foreclosure ‘squatters’ in Grand County |

Banks, police battle foreclosure ‘squatters’ in Grand County

Tonya Bina/Sky-Hi Daily News

— A man arrested in Denver for rental and real-estate fraud has been under investigation in Grand County.

Alfonso Carrillo, 50, who in October was charged with filing phony deeds on houses vacated through foreclosure and posing as the owner, is suspected of having at least three similar dealings in the Winter Park area.

The charges in Denver allege Carrillo took thousands of dollars in payments from unsuspecting potential home buyers, then gave them fraudulent deeds to properties. The allegations are he targeted Spanish-speaking home buyers, "who may be reluctant to work with law enforcement out of fear," according to statements from the Denver District Attorney's Office dated Dec. 5.

Carrillo has been released from custody on $10,000 bond and is scheduled to reappear in court Jan. 6.

Another man, Rudy Breda, 53, also is wanted in connection with the alleged scam, according to the Denver District Attorney's office. He is accused of recording phony deeds with the Denver Clerk and Recorder's Office.

In Grand County, the Fraser-Winter Park Police Department and the Grand County Sheriff's Office have been involved in three separate investigations concerning individuals illegally living in homes, all in connection with Carrillo's dealings.

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This summer, the Sheriff's Office was called out to a home in Meadow Ridge in the Fraser Valley by neighbors who noticed people occupying a bank-owned home thought to be in foreclosure. The woman living in the bank-owned home presented the Sheriff with a paper-labeled deed, but through further investigation, it was determined the deed — with the name "Rudy Breda" on it — was "false and forged," according to Grand County Sheriff Rod Johnson.

"The Sheriff's Office tried to establish this transaction was not true and these people were trespassing and stealing the house," Johnson said. "The bank said they would have to look into it and have their legal department get back to us, and they have never gotten back to us."

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