Artie Weber: South Routt heart heroes at it again |

Artie Weber: South Routt heart heroes at it again

Among all the political flaw going on, among all the changes in people's lives, and among all the busy schedules with the change of seasons, the people in South Routt once again dip into their pockets and donate to the Jump Rope for Heart program for the American Heart Association.

Every year we do the Jump Rope For Heart program in the South Routt Elementary School PE department, and every year the community gives very generous donations toward it. The students know the meaning of the program (helping people who are ill), and the gracious, kind community supports what the kids want to do. Yes, the incentives in the program (thank-you gifts for the students) do not hurt to drive the program, but at the same time the contributors genuinely understand the meaning behind it.

Once again, I would like to thank the contributors and supporters of this program, and reiterate that you are the true heroes.

Artie Weber

South Routt Elementary School

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