Al White-led Tourism Office unveils new ad campaign |

Al White-led Tourism Office unveils new ad campaign

Jason Blevins / The Denver Post

— Al White envisions a man in a high-rise cubical in Chicago. He's looking out the window at a gray, cold day when a television commercial splashes images of kids grabbing dandelions in the lonely Colorado high country.

The Colorado Symphony Orchestra is playing an intensely compelling riff while a voice tells the man, "Waiting is the opposite of living."

"And he says, 'I am totally getting there,'" imagined White, the director of the Colorado Tourism Office. "'I am totally getting to Colorado.'"

Rolling out this week, the state's new commercials and print campaign are meant to pack an emotional punch, tickling an innate desire to explore and connect — to not just see a place but be part of it.

White, the state's most ardent tourism cheerleader vying to push Colorado's sliver of the U.S. tourism market from 2.6 percent to 3 percent, said the new "Come to Life" campaign is "about self-actualization" and "coming to life."

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