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a Permit Revision (No.06) to the Seneca II-W Mine, Permit C-82-057.


Seneca Coal Company, 37796 Routt County Road 53, P.O. Box 670, Hayden, Colorado 81639, has filed with the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology, a Permit Revision (No.06) to the Seneca II-W Mine, Permit C-82-057. This permit revision removes the Tie-Across Haul Road from the II-W permit area. The Tie-Across Haul Road will be transferred to the Hayden Gulch Loadout permit area (Permit No C-1992-081).

The general current legal description of the Seneca II-W Permit Area is described as:

T5N, R88W (Mine Area)

Section 9: Portions of SE¼NE¼, NE¼SE¼, and W½NE¼

Section 10: S½S½NW¼, SW¼, SE¼, Portions of S½NE¼

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Section 11: Portions of S½S½SW¼

Section 14: Portions of SW¼, NW¼, and S½S½SE¼

Section 15: All

Section 16: Portions of W½NW¼, SE¼NW¼, NE¼SW¼, and SE¼

Section 21: Portions of E½NE¼

Section 22: NW¼, NE¼, N½SE¼ , SW¼SE¼, Portions of N½SW¼, and SW¼SE¼

Section 23: NW¼, SW¼, W½E½, and W½E½E½

(II-W South Expansion Area)

Section 26: W½, W½E½, and Portions of W½E½NE¼ and W½E½SE¼

Section 27: E½

Section 34: NE¼, N½SE¼, and Portions of N½S½SE¼

Section 35: NW¼, W½NE¼, N½SW¼ and Portions of N½S½SW¼,

NW¼SE¼, NW¼SW¼SE¼, NW¼NE¼SE¼, and W½E½NE¼

T6N, R88W (Tie Across Haul Road)

Section 14: Portions of SE¼, SW¼

Section 23: Portions of N½

Section 24: Portions of NE¼, NW

T6N, R87W (Tie Across Haul Road)

Section 17: Portions of SW¼, SE¼, NE¼

Section 18: Portions of SE¼

Section 19: Portions of N½

All west of the 6th Principal Meridian; totaling 4,093.0 acres.

Legal owners of record of the surface of the permit area are:

Babson Farms, Inc.

Boulware, Joe Wood and Jody Boulware Perret

Colorado, The State of

Cross Mountain Ranch Limited Partnership

Epps, Daisy J.

Friederich, George T. and Norine M.

Hayden Gulch Terminal, Inc.

Hayden Public Library

Hockett, Duane and Darrell

Hudson, Frankie Temple


Public Service Company of Colorado

Ricks, John R.

Routt, The County of

Salt River Agricultural Improvement and Power District

Seneca Coal Company

Smith, David L. and Kathleen A.


The Seneca II-W Mine is located approximately seven miles south of the Town of Hayden, Colorado. The USGS 7.5 Minute Quadrangle Maps of Hayden Gulch, Hayden, Dunckley, and Mt. Harris, contain the described permit area. No change in land use is associated with this revision.

A copy of the complete technical revision is available for public inspection at the Hayden Public Library, 225 E. Jefferson Avenue, Hayden, Colorado 81639.

Written comments or objections to the application may be submitted to the Colorado Division of Minerals and Geology, 1313 Sherman Street, Room 215, Denver, Colorado 80203-2273.

Published in the Steamboat PIlot & Today

Publication Date: August 7, 2011

Final Publication: August 28, 2011


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