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Autumn Phillips

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A new kind of car rally

As beautiful Mustangs line Lincoln Avenue this weekend, don’t forget your roots. This town was built on Subarus.

Drive or drag your Subaru to the Colorado Mountain College campus Saturday for the Subaru Park-n-Boogie. Four years ago, there was a similar event across from the Z Hole on Yampa Avenue. Ten people showed up with their Subarus in something of an “Alice in Wonderland” reflection of the more traditional Mustang Roundup.

This year, the festivities will be paired with 50-cent hot dogs and free music from local band Big Pants, just coming off a successful Yampa Valley tour that included stops at Tommy Larson’s house, Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill, Braun’s Bar & Grill and the CMC cafeteria.

“The Mustang Roundup is cool, but everyone in town drives Subarus,” event organizer Tommy Larson said. “Why don’t we have some fun with that?”

For this year’s Subaru Park-n-Boogie, the crappier the car, the better, Larson said. Prizes will be given for “oldest,” “worst interior,” “dirtiest” and “newest.”

Larson will show off his own car at the “rally,” a 1993 Subaru Royale named “The Brown Bomber.”

“My mechanic said my car died two years ago and I just didn’t notice,” Larson said.

Rally co-organizer and lead singer of Big Pants, David Willis, will be showing off “Ruby Sue,” his 1998 Subaru Outback.

“Anyone who comes will realize it’s not about showing off,” Willis said. “It’s about having a good time.”

The only rules at the Subaru Park-n-Boogie are: No window paint, no Calvin-peeing-on-things stickers and if you drag it onto campus, you are responsible for getting it home.

Attendees should bring their own refreshments. Dogs are welcome. Treats and will be available.