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45-year-old arrested in alleged stabbing

Christine Metz

A 45-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of stabbing a 23-year-old man in the leg early Wednesday morning.

Don Phillip Berryessa of Steamboat Springs was arrested on charges of second-degree assault and harassment after allegedly stabbing his neighbor, Brad Beyer, during a fight outside a cabin at 40128 RiverBend Trail, according to a Routt County Sheriff’s Office report.

Beyer suffered from a shallow leg wound, and was not taken to the hospital for treatment.

The incident occurred at about 2 a.m. when Berryessa’s neighbor Dmitry Chase, who is Beyer’s roommate, went to Berryessa’s cabin to complain about loud noise being made.

When Chase confronted Berryessa and his roommate, Berryessa appeared to be extremely intoxicated and became aggressive and threatened Chase, reports state.

Chase then said he took Berryessa down to the ground, and the two were fighting on the front porch of the cabin. Chase said he was holding Berryessa down and telling him to back off when he saw the man pull a knife, according to reports.

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Just as Chase was breaking away from Berryessa, Beyer approached the two men. Berryessa started swinging his arms while holding the knife and went after Chase. Beyer said he grabbed Berryessa to keep him away from Chase, and the two went to the ground, according to the report.

Beyer told Sheriff’s Office officials that Berryessa had the knife and was digging it into his leg, causing Beyer to let Berryessa up.

When Sheriff’s Office officials arrived on scene, Berryessa was not in his residence, and Beyer and Chase pointed to the cabin to which they thought he had fled.

Deputy Kurtis Luster said he looked through the window of that cabin and spotted a man matching Berryessa’s description. After several knocks, Berryessa opened the door and was taken into custody.

In an interview with Investigator Ken Klinger, Berryessa said he left the knife in the residence he was sharing with a roommate, according to the report. He also said he “just poked” the victim with the knife.

“I didn’t stab him. If I wanted to, I could have stabbed him,” Berryessa reportedly said during the interview.

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