Dylan Roberts: Stop hiding, Scott Tipton


Congressman Tipton, you have not held a public event for your constituents since April of 2016. That is almost an entire year ago.

The Founders specifically created the House of Representatives to be the “People’s House.” The Constitution mandated that members of the House stand for election every two years so that they would be more responsive to the people they represent. The Founders wanted our representatives to listen to their constituents, hear voter’s concerns and explain their actions directly to the people.

I am confident that you believe in the Constitution as much as I do. Yet, as you are now more than a month into your seventh year in Congress, why are you hiding? You have not held a town hall in almost a year and there are none scheduled for the future.

Congressman, hold a town hall. There is a lot to talk about. You have stated you are ready to embrace the Trump-Ryan agenda of repealing the Affordable Care Act, rolling back financial and environmental regulations and tax reform, among other initiatives. You have every right to do that as you fairly won your seat in Congress, but you should also face your constituents and tell them why.

Congressman, hold a town hall. Facebook posts and press releases are not enough. Come listen to the concerns of your constituents and meet with us face to face.

You get elected by voters in this district, and all of us pay your salary. Your job is to travel to Washington D.C. every week to represent us, not to just toe a party line and then maybe explain your votes after the fact. Make yourself available, like many of your colleagues regularly do.

Congressman Perlmutter from the Front Range holds a “Government in the Grocery” almost every month where he will meet and listen to anyone that wants to show up. Congressman Coffman, from your own party, has already held a town hall this year in Aurora. There is no legitimate excuse for you to not be doing this.

Congressman, hold a town hall. Your district is geographically gigantic, I know that. However, to show you that my letter is not just a partisan plea, I pledge to drive from my home in Northwest Colorado to anywhere in the district you decide to hold your first town hall of 2017 (assuming it is not during my Monday through Friday work schedule, of course). I know I and many of my fellow constituents that you represent look forward to a peaceful and productive discussion.

My fellow constituents of Representative Tipton, if you agree with me that our Congressman should hold a town hall in his district as soon as possible, I encourage you to tell him so. His D.C. office number is 202-225-4761 and his Grand Junction office number is 970-241-2499.

Dylan Roberts

Steamboat Springs


Jeff Kibler 3 months, 1 week ago

Dylan Roberts: I'm proud to be with her

Perhaps if Hillary came out of hiding more often during her campaign, she would be president.


Scott Wedel 3 months, 1 week ago

They want a town hall meeting with our elected representatives because they expect to pack the wrong with protestors. Look at Utah's Jason Chaffetz's meeting last night where the crowd was chanting "do your job". Though, he did a good job saying that he had issued a letter criticizing Kellyanne's promotion of Ivanka's junk.

As for Tipton and Gardner, they shouldn't be afraid of their constituents protesting if they are any good. They should be able to defend their policies.


Eric Morris 3 months, 1 week ago

All they'd have to say is: "Israel is our friend, terrorism is bad, everything the military does is heroic, and Go Broncos!" and the crowd would instantly be disarmed and eating from their grubby paws.


Scott Wedel 3 months, 1 week ago


I doubt that. Requests for meetings are from progressive Democrats that want to hear about healthcare, immigration and so on.


Nancy Spillane 3 months, 1 week ago

Congressman Tipton: Yes, please do come and speak with your constituents. I don't think it's too much to ask of you to talk to us. It's a simple request. Please honor it. Thank you. Dylan Roberts, thank you for the good letter and a good suggestion to call Tipton's offices. Consider it done.


Eric Morris 3 months, 1 week ago

Scott, sort of depends if "mainstream" progressive groups like CAP are pushing this as well. It is Soros-funded, fired some free thinkers on Israel-US relations, but Soros is supposedly also funding this push for meetings.


Fred Duckels 3 months, 1 week ago

When all is lost it is time to throw crap at the wall and see what sticks. This tactic of feigned outrage and guilt trips is wearing thin. I would have to questioned the smarts of anyone willing to submit to this trap.


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