Steamboat Springs turns to drones to get fresh angles for latest ad campaign


— Anyone who has wondered in recent months why a small drone has been hovering around Steamboat's rodeo grounds, above Howelsen Hill and at other city facilities now should have their answer.

The city of Steamboat Springs recently unveiled a new advertisement campaign that relies on aerial footage taken by a drone to promote its recreational facilities.

Winnie DelliQuadri, the city's government programs manager, said the project started last summer with a desire to show off Haymaker Golf Course.

Most cities utilize a helicopter for such a task, but Steamboat has Cedar Beauregard and his fleet of remote-controlled aircraft that are capable of filming from above and capturing new angles.

“For us to be able to have access to one of these I think is amazing because it gives us a different and neat perspective with that aerial view,” DelliQuadri said.

The ads will start running on TV 6, and the city is encouraging property managers and others in town to use the videos that are publicly available from the city's YouTube page.

“We went into this without having a lot of footage of city facilities. Now we have it and we're happy to use it,” DelliQuadri said.

The aerial footage and ads are part of a larger effort to promote city facilities that include Howelsen Hill, the rodeo grounds, the golf course, Howelsen Ice Arena and the Tennis Center at Steamboat Springs.

The city is using the tagline “Come Play With Us.”

Asked if the advertisements were working, DelliQuadri said she's heard anecdotally from the managers of the facilities that the marketing efforts are having a positive impact.

She said she was hopeful some of the positive revenue trends at the facilities can be attributed to the fact that “we are trying to get the word out on some of the facilities for the first time.”

The funding for the ads comes out of a $25,000 budget that covers all of the city's other marketing efforts.

DelliQuadri said the city might continue using the aerial cameras to capture things like recreation on the Yampa River this summer.

City recreational facilities

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Eric Meyer 3 years, 1 month ago

City Council and Management want all the recreational subsidies to go down. They already made cuts in spending. The only other way is to increase revenues. User fees have been implemented and increased so focusing on increasing user numbers is the next logical step. Maybe marketing them is not the best way to do that but it is a reasonable way to try to raise usage and therefore revenues. If it does not help increase revenues, maybe they stop the marketing and try something else. Maybe that next step is privatization. That would be a big change, but would clearly show if the city is just mismanaging the facilities or if they require subsidies to keep them open and the community is okay with that. This is not a new thing. Many other cities spend far more on advertising than Steamboat does.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 1 month ago

Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City that Outsourced Everything, save fire & police & fire protection. It likely makes too much sense for our betters at Centennial Hall.


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