Ryan McHugh: Up to City Council


Similar to Sarah Jones’ letter regarding Steamboat Springs and its current sustainability goals, I too am shocked, and quite frankly, utterly confused by the fact that to the Steamboat Springs City Council, sustainability isn’t even in their top-five priorities. Having grown up and spent my entire life in Colorado, I treasure and still fondly recall many memories like learning to ski on the slopes of Steamboat, and I cannot possibly imagine a day when later generations are unable to share in the same memories that I grew up with.

Although it may not be the solution in its entirety — as Jones points out — embracing plans for progressive energy forms such as wind and solar is a great place to start. In turn, it is up to Steamboat City Council and them alone to put into effect the plan for sustainability that both the residents of Steamboat and other Coloradans alike are hoping to transition towards in coming years, as only they have the democratic power — assuming they listen to the people, that is. 

Ryan McHugh



mark hartless 3 years, 2 months ago

Steamboat Pilot:

"Atmos looks to raise rates to compensate for increased gas costs." By Michael Schrantz.

They have a good point since Nat Gas prices have almost quadruppled in the last 24 months.

Hope all the religious environmentalists and their children (like Ryan) are prepared for their new, higher energy bills. The unrelenting price hikes will be your religions version of "persecution for your beliefs".

Personally, I can't wait til people like Ryan are virtually bankrupted by high energy costs. Till ski lifts sit idle, til most snowmobilere can't afford $8/ gal gas...

I plan to laugh my ass clean off as higher energy costs force many to stay home and not ski or snowmobile and to work more hours to pay for their home heating costs next year.

I honestly hope people like Ryan are successful in their campaign to jack energy prices 200-500%.


mark hartless 3 years, 2 months ago

"I treasure and still fondly recall many memories like learning to ski on the slopes of Steamboat..."

You were riding coal-fired ski lifts, Ryan...


Joe Meglen 3 years, 2 months ago


This is a bit off topic: I am no scientist, but isn’t it time to stop referring to hydrocarbons in earth as fossil fuels? The term fossil fuels implies a very limited supply.


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