Oak Creek solicits feedback on recreation master plan update


— Oak Creek is wrapping up the community feedback portion of its work to build a new recreation master plan, but there’s still time to stop by town offices and check out the progress.

Poster boards that summarize the work thus far will be displayed at town offices for the next week at least, according to Town Administrator Mary Alice Page-Allen.

A team from the Colorado Center of Community Development, including University of Colorado Denver students, has been assisting the town with the plan update — the first since 2011 and the most recent update to look at the whole South Routt County community since 1990.

“While some of the focus is facilities within the town of Oak Creek, the facilities serve the South Routt communities at large,” Page-Allen said Wednesday.

In addition to soliciting feedback at the Feb. 27 Town Board meeting, the plan was presented at Monday’s Seniors Lunch at the South Routt Community Center.

“Then, we took it up to the middle school and high school and talked to the kids yesterday,” Page-Allen said.

The last plan update suggested projects that Oak Creek completed in the following years, such as the pump track and upgrades to Decker Park.

This update looks at Oak Creek's facilities and services for youth and adults.

Among the ideas that arose during the plan process were trail upgrades, a dog park and greater utilization of the ice rink.

Rocky Mountain Youth Corps also will be back doing some work in Oak Creek this summer, according to Page-Allen.

“Some of those trails can never be used during winter,” she said of the town’s network. “However, we are seriously making an effort to connect all our trails so you don't end up with trails to nowhere.”

How facilities and trails will be maintained also will be included in the plan.

“One of things discussed with the business community is we need another campground up here,” Page-Allen said.

The town purchased a piece of property adjacent to the public works department’s current shop, and some of the extra space might make a good location for a campground.

Who would run any new campground hasn’t been discussed yet, Page-Allen said, only the need for a campground closer to Oak Creek businesses.

The plan process also looked at the town’s summer youth recreation programs and how to expand them further, she said.

The town has budgeted for a three-quarter time recreation coordinator and two or three seasonal positions dedicated to recreation this summer.

Expanding recreation program opportunities for adults also is part of the plan.

The process is slated to be wrapped up in May when the team from the University of Colorado Denver will come back to town to present a final draft.

At that time, Page-Allen said, the town will go through any additional feedback and the Town Board will take action on the plan.

The plan will be a guiding document, she said, about what facilities or programs the South Routt community wants to undertake during the next few years.

In other Oak Creek news

The Oak Creek Town Board will meet at 6 p.m. Thursday to consider canceling the April municipal election if not enough candidates register.

Currently, Page-Allen has received letters of intent to run from current Town Board members Bernie Gagne, Chuck Wisecup and Jackie Brown in addition to a letter from Oak Creek Mayor Nikki Knoebel.

Town Board members Josh Voorhis and Jenny Lewis have not submitted letters of intent to run again, and those two seats would be open after their terms expire.

Town Board member Wendy Gustafson’s seat is not up in this election.

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Scott Wedel 3 years ago

A campground 5 miles away at Stagecoach Lake is too far away? Any number of campgrounds in the Flat Tops is too far away?

Town of Oak Creek loves writing these government plans as if any fantasy put to paper means it will come true. The Town's Comprehensive Plan describes a pedestrian orientated downtown shopping district as if was the 16th Street Mall, or Carmel.

The trail built last summer goes from Lincoln Ave, over a hill with switchbacks to the Bucket Park on Main St. It is virtually never used with everyone walking along Lincoln to Main St.

There is no requirement in these government plans that any part of them make any economic sense. So the Town keeps adding rarely used infrastructure adding to it's maintenance burdens while things like a broken fire hydrant goes sits broken for years. Road maintenance has taken to deconstructing streets from asphalt to dirt.


john bailey 3 years ago

sshhh, don't say "Flats Tops " too loud......~;0)


Scott Wedel 3 years ago


It is my understanding that now their seats will be filled by appointment from among those OC residents that apply. I think that since they didn't apply in time that Josh and Jenny would have to apply for those open seats like anyone else.


max huppert 3 years ago

what about LJ ,, or Karl,, I even heard Jacob might get it. We need young people, those old ones need to BLA.


rhys jones 3 years ago

It would be too much to ask, that these forums' most frequent poacher and pest ever got a real life.


max huppert 3 years ago

Scott I am going to go take a look today at the plans and will let you know.


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