Adult Beach Volleyball League results for June 24


A League

W- sets aholics- 2

L- safe sets- 1

W- overserved 2

L- shloppy sets 0

W-#blockyoulikeahurricane 2

L- Aibohphobia 0

W- Swingers 2

L- sandy ball monsters 0

B League

W- I like big bumps-2

L Sandy Klein 0

W Bumpin uglies 2

L Little lebowski urban 1

W Mamasuki beeftips 2

L sandy wedgies 1

W Notorious DIG 2

L Here we go again 0

W Sandy balls 2

L Id hit that 1

W Freebird 2

L Flying yetis 0

W sandstorm 2

L e3 86ers 0

W bam stelly 2

L greenbowl packers 1

W block party 2

L sand lickers 0

W safe sets 2

L who gives a hit 1


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