Michael Osterman: Imagine a safer Yampa


— If the city were to make Yampa Street one way from Fifth Street to 12th Street, there would be numerous benefits.

Parking on the river side could be eliminated entirely in favor of diagonal parking on the opposite side of the street. Diagonal parking would result in a net gain of parking spots on Yampa and make the parking process more efficient by eliminating parallel parking. Yampa would become safer by virtue of traffic only traveling one way (from Fifth toward 12th streets) and the site lines would improve dramatically by not having any cars parked on the river side of the street.

This approach seems to be a win-win scenario, and yet I am told that this has been proposed to the city before and it was turned down.

It’s always easy to just say “no,” but often it is more beneficial to find a way to say “yes.”


Bill Stewart 2 years, 8 months ago

Michael, I have thought about Yampa being one-way east for years and it is a great idea! Diagonal parking on one side, bike lane, sidewalk and delivery zones on the other. I think the earlier opposition to a one way street probably has something to do with police and fire facilities being on Yampa. That of course is going to change in the near future for the police department. Bill Stewart


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