Ken Collins: Mi casa e su casa


— “The browning of America.” Wow. Of all you wrote, Omar, that line stood out (“Omar Campbell: Thoughts about Mexico,” Tuesday’s Steamboat Today).

I recently finished Ken Burns’ nine-part series “The West”. May I suggest you check it out since it seems that you must have missed the school term called American history. This land called America was, for thousands of years, already brown or maybe more reddish-brown, long before any whites even knew it existed. Maybe it was the Vikings or maybe Columbus 500 years or so ago that stumbled onto this continent.

It didn’t take long before white man began the removal/slaughter of millions of indigenous peoples. It was done under two banners, mainly. One was Manifest Destiny, which actually means less the right to conquer and more the power to conquer. The other banner was often “in the name of God.” Most people consider all humans, including those indigenous, to be God’s children. So it’s a moral quandary on just how God may have felt about white mans’ history of pushing across the country leaving collateral damage in their wake.

As far as those Mexicans or “illegal immigrants” are concerned, check the history books you missed and you’ll find that California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were pretty well settled with them, scores of generations before whites ever reached there. We invaded and called it destiny. They called it “mi tierra.”

You also mentioned “the corrupt third-world Mexican government.” Maybe someday, with luck, they can achieve “corrupt first-world government” status like America. How easy it is to forget the reason this country was founded: freedom; to live, to prosper, to worship, to move. Those are the very things we did not let Native Americans do as we destined our way across the land. The children fleeing their homelands because of the absolute horror of the cartels is sickened by the thought that so much of the drug trade is to our very own country. We are making their lives unlivable down there. And you apparently don’t see the humanity of trying to help them however we can. Round ’em up and send them back to Hell. And shut that damn door behind ’em.

We should all be glad the Native “Americans” weren’t capable of doing that very thing not so long ago.


kathy foos 2 years, 7 months ago

This country needs its laws enforced ,no Democrat's freelancing the law's.That is lawlessness.This country require's the law is upheld,if you think you there is room for freedom of expression in interpreting the law,look at our prison's.You are in a "Dream" world?Silly guy bringing up history...Remember the Alamo?


Joe Meglen 2 years, 7 months ago

We are witnessing the bankruptcy of another socialist empire. This is the natural evolution of socialism for it is not sustainable. As Margaret Thatcher said: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” The federal government is owned by large moneyed interests that promote and subsidize illegal immigration. These subsides are paid for by the citizens through direct taxes, or the hidden tax of inflation. This is theft. The mass invasion of illegal aliens into an already bankrupt welfare state will simply accelerate the collapse.


mark hartless 2 years, 7 months ago

Lie # 1:"white man began the removal/slaughter of millions of indigenous peoples." Truth is that the indigenous people slaughtered, raped and pillaged each other long before white men showed up on this continent.

Lie #2:"California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were pretty well settled with them", Truth is that today's Mexicans are mostly of Spanish decent and speak a European language called... spanish... hmmm. Todays spanish-speaking Mexicans took much of "their" land from the indigenous indian tribes including Apache, Comanche, Ute, Tewa, Yuma, Shoshoni, Navaho, Pecos, Lipan, Hopi, Walapai, Havasupai, Zuni, Mohave, Jemez and many others. Many of them were forced out by Spanish conquerers. The Mexicans who invade us today speak SPANISH.

Lie #3: "We invaded and called it history..." Truth is that white people DID move into territory being occupied and claimed by Mexico at that time because they had taken it from others. But those settlers were trying to live WITH their neighbors for the most part until the massacres at The Alamo and Goliad where, following the Battle of Coleto Creek, Mexican General Santa Anna ordered the massacre of 342 American prisoners. This massacre was a major tactical and pollitical mistake for Mexico and precipitated a full-blown war. Many battles were fought but finally, on February 2, 1848, both sides signed the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ending the war. Mexico agreed to give up about 55 percent of its territory and got $15 million in return. That's right... Mexico was PAID for it's territory. Something few "brutal invaders" do and something Mr Collins apparently does not want you to know.

Lie #4 Comparing our pollitical system with Mexico. Hardly deserves a response. Yes, ours is corrupt. Their's is orders of magnitude worse.

Lie #5: Insinuating that we don't help them. Truth: During the last generation America has provided $148 Billion in aid to the region... 148 BILLION! Mexico alone recieved over $320 Million in FY 2012 from those greedy, selfish American taxpayers.

Lie #5 "we are making their lives unliveable down there..." Truth is that most of this region has fallen into the predictable disrepair resulting from failed attempts at central planning and socialism, something Mr. Collins' would happily impose on the US. if given the power to do so.


mark hartless 2 years, 7 months ago

Oh... addition to #1: The indigenous people also sold and used each other for slaves.


mark hartless 2 years, 7 months ago

It is nice to read that Mr. Collins acknowledges that we have a corrupt government. It is unfortunate that most every suggestion he has put forth would further empower this corrupt institution and insulate and isolate it from the American people.

I will never understand how people can rationalize more power as the answer for an entity that is clearly guilty of abusing the power it already has. How a government wasting 20% of it's resources is improved by doubling it's size?


kathy foos 2 years, 6 months ago

Just wondering how the USA could take on the notion that we can detain a minor without parent supervision.What if they are stolen by coyotes and the parents are broken hearted that they have lost their child.The coyote takes the child from parents,deliver to border,we keep them instead of returning them home,is that what would happen if our kids made it to south america?They would just keep them without finding the parent's?They hopefully would return them to parents and that is what needs to be done unless we are in the receiving end of human trafficking on purpose.If the parents hire a coyote to take the child they are guilty of human trafficking also.That is what is wrong with people crashing the border and employers rewarding them for it with Americans jobs to make a profit,now they see they can break the law and be rewarded for it,they will continue to break the law because they got away with it before again and again.Leaders of the south american country's say they want the kids back,they can handle them and to not return the kids is stealing children from parents with rights.If it was arranged to transport humans in dangerous ways by the parent,they should be prosecuted for putting a child at risk along with the coyote and the Democrats who want to receive human beings that are being trafficked for profit.Does anyone feel sorry for the parents who gave birth to these kids and care to get them home again,It seems like a legal nightmare to keep some ones elses child from another country,that is what is happening.Cattle and personal property would get better treatment .than these kids.How can we just keep 100,000 children delivered by coyotes?That is not how we run this country.If it was my child and I lived in south america...something would have to happen,legal action to get them back,I think there is big trouble for our country if we don't just get those kids back where they belong as they are children and parents have rights.Who runs this country?Coyotes and cartels from south america?


Brian Kotowski 2 years, 6 months ago

In reply to Ken Collins' previous spew, I politely refrained from calling him a liar and challenged him instead to document the ludicrous assertions contained in his spew. He didn't, of course. This latest incarnation of revisionist bile establishes a pattern of 6th-grade Michael Moore "logic", and makes it impossible to regard him with anything but pity and contempt.


mark hartless 2 years, 6 months ago

Ken throws BS against the wall and expects it to stick.

I'm not sure, but I think he actually believes some of it.

I've been waiting for weeks for an explination to my questions about the Alberta tar sands letter he wrote a while back. Even the Democrat controlled US State Department's detailed and comprehensive study report directly contradicted several of his claims which effectively decapitated his letter's entire thesis. I've asked if he plans to do any retraction letter but... well...

He lives in a world of deniers, as do many religious environmentalists. Ken wantss "yes we can" to be an alternative to coal and oil, but the BTU's and kilowatts just don't add up, so he is increasingly frustrated and it shows up in the tone of his writing.

When it comes to the illegal invasion I believe he is like many who would sell their nation down the road for the chance to get pollitical dominance. On this subject I believe he knows full well that what is happening on our southern border is wrong. His accusations of racism and bigotry are the standard attack for those who have no other solid arguments.

If you read him carefully you will also learn he is, like most, a hypocrite. In one of his "treatisis" he challenges our energy production methods as not green enough while admitting that he himself heats his home with a wood stove, a far dirtier source of heat percapita than the Hayden power station. I guess it's ok in his mind cause it saves him $$$. In his tar sands letter he fails to admit that current oil transport by rail has proven much more dangerous and harmful for the environment. Ironically and comically there was a oil train derailment and spill in the James River in Lynchburg VA within 48 hrs of his tar sands letter hitting the paper. Still... he will remain undeterred. It IS, I believe, his religion.


mark hartless 2 years, 6 months ago

RAYMONDVILLE, Texas Aug 5, 2014 -- Two illegal immigrants from Mexico were charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of an off-duty U.S. Border Patrol agent.

One suspect has been arrested no fewer than four times for entering the U.S. illegally, according to federal court records. The other has been deported twice.

The pair, who have been living in Texas illegally, confessed after being interviewed multiple times Monday to killing Border Patrol agent Javier Vega Jr. in front of his wife and two kids and his parents Sunday night. Vega's father was shot in the hip and is recovering at a nearby hospital.

Why don't you let these fine, upstanding "undoccumented cartel workers" stay in Su casa, Ken?? The rest of us are obviously racists for not wanting them in ours.


maynard short 2 years, 6 months ago

Quoting somebody or other, "just because you break into my house, doesn't make you part of my family"


mark hartless 2 years, 6 months ago

It's been over a week now, Ken, and not ONE positive comment about your commentary.

What does that say? Have you any response?


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