Captain of the Boat Race Series results for July 16



Name, time

Pelloni Tevin 07:51.3

Meyer Nicolaus DNF

Master’s Men

Name, time

Anthony Achilli 06:49.4

Rishi Grewdl 06:52.2

Michael Mignone 06:58.7

Dave Anjos 07:18.4

Men’s open

Name, time

Hunt Jesse 06:13.1

Stephen Wilson 06:24.5

Tim Price 06:25.9

James Koch 06:32.1

Ned Kajko 06:44.9

Genesta Jacob 06:48.0

Andrew Burns 06:52.7

Tony Frisbie 07:03.8

Cole Wendland 07:35.3

Palmer Joseph 07:35.8

Chris Franges DNF

Women’s Open

Name, time

Yvonne Delahunty 06:57.0

Julie McElvain 07:22.5

Adler Rachel DNF


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