Molly Waters: Expand summer bus service


An article dated Jan. 7 reported that ridership on the city bus had increased 7 percent in 2013. Steamboat transportation manager Jonathan Flint said the summer experienced the lion’s share of the growth, with rider numbers never dipping below 1,000 per day.

This is an impressive achievement for the Steamboat Springs Transit drivers and staff. I would like to see every Steamboat Springs City Council member ride the city bus during the summer schedule. Specifically, I would like to invite them to ride the last bus from downtown to the mountain area. It usually is standing room only, loud and often quite a drunken scene. The bars are open until 2 a.m., but to get home to the mountain quickly and cheaply, people crowd onto the last bus. Everyone else who stays out later than 11:44 p.m. to see live music, work, socialize or just to drink must find a different way home. It stands to reason that many people choose to drink and drive.

I don’t know if any City Council members are late-night employees or like to stay out at the bars late, but they should experience the 11:44 p.m. bus. I would hope they would support increasing the hours (funding) of the summer bus schedule to the same hours as the winter schedule. Especially with the lion’s share of ridership growth taking place during the summer.

Molly Waters

Steamboat Springs


John St Pierre 3 years, 3 months ago

Molly someone has to pay for it and as long as the defacto agreement between a certain Taxi/shuttle bus company and the city is honored (the city cannot charge for bus service)..... so again who pays????


Tim Keenan 3 years, 3 months ago

If you're heading east, your last bus is 10:44. On the weekends, with summer concerts, etc., that's inadequate. If we could get just three additional hours fri-sat, I think that would go a long way toward getting people home more safely and minimizing the mayhem for those trying to get cabs at bar closing time.


Molly Waters 3 years, 3 months ago

Tim, thank you for the correction. It's 10:44 going east.


rhys jones 3 years, 3 months ago

This is exactly why I moved downtown. The humble digs are peace of mind.


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