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An unexpected pregnancy, for the couple who has been trying to conceive, is the best possible news. However, for the young girl or woman who may have had an unplanned consensual encounter, or who has been the victim of force, the news of pregnancy can be devastating.

It was 41 years ago this week that the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortion in the United States. After all these years, this issue continues to be divisive, which could add to the confusion of a young woman trying to make a major decision.

Here in Routt County, there is help available for women who may be in this situation and need assistance. Selah is Steamboat’s pregnancy resource center. This new name is a call to take some time and just breathe. We all know that decisions made in haste and in the height of emotion can be a source of regret.

At Selah, women will find calm support — a place to discuss their fears and concerns and receive the information and resources they need to move forward. All of Selah’s services are free and confidential, including pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

Women and young girls should know that nothing is insurmountable, and there is hope and support available. Call Selah at 970-871-1307 or go to www.selahsteamboat.com.

Kathy Cain



Carrie Requist 3 years, 3 months ago

Could you please help me understand if you really support all choices available to a girl/women with an unwanted/unplanned pregnancy or if you are an evangelical organization that is anti-abortion?

You letters to the editor over the years position Selah as a neutral organization that provides support and counseling for pregnant girls/women to explore her options and that you have no stake in what choice she makes, but there are descriptions on pages like ColoradoGives.org https://www.coloradogives.org/SteamboatSpringsPregnancyResourceCenter/overview where your mission statement is anything but neutral - "Selah provides tangible hope in a compassionate environment through the love of Jesus, making abortion unnecessary." That is hardly the mission statement of an organization that will support a woman's choice for abortion. You also have stories on your website of post abortion regret (and your post abortion support services) yet I see no stories or post adoption regret or post keep the baby and raise it by myself regret nor any stories of post abortion, yes I did the right thing for me. All of these point to Selah having a very strong anti-abortion stance.

It is a shame that you feel you must trick pregnant girls/women into using your services instead of being open that you have an anti-abortion (or pro life or pro birth) leaning so girls/women have all the information they need to decide if your services are right for them.


Melinda Clark 3 years, 3 months ago

Carrie, thanks for your comment! Kathy's letter was so kind. She's not affiliated with Selah, so I wanted to respond to you directly. I'm glad you took the time to look at our website and learn more about us. We are not a political organization, and we have found that loaded political terms like "pro-life," "anti-abortion," "pro-abortion," and "anti-life" rarely help individuals communicate meaningfully with each other. But I do understand and appreciate your questions.

Our website provides information to help our community know when our services can be helpful; as director of Selah, I can affirm that our commitment is to come alongside our neighbors to offer genuine support, compassion, and resources in difficult circumstances. An unintended pregnancy can raise lots of hard questions with few easy answers, and we are a safe place to get straight answers about all the options. Our abortion education is as comprehensive as our adoption education and parenting education. A few years ago, a study validated what we have also observed: 66% of women choosing an abortion felt "coerced or pressured" into that decision. They believed an abortion was "necessary," and they didn't have the freedom (whether from lack of resources, support, or education) to choose their own outcome. No matter what our political ideologies or personal worldviews, we would all agree that is a tragedy. When women feel they have no options, genuine choice does not exist.

Our mission, as you quoted above, is rooted in our experience with women and men in our community. Every client is unique, and so are the services we offer them, allowing women to have access to the gamut of options that are available, along with the freedom to make plans in line with their values and goals. Our faith statement validates our commitment to give each client the space and help to process plans as whole persons--physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and financially--so that their choices are consistent with their entire story.

Decisions and outcomes swirling around unintended pregnancies are nuanced and complex. I think we don't hear each other often enough or clearly enough, and there are so many stories that need to be heard. The story you referenced from our blog comes from a direct client interaction; future blog posts will tell more stories.

I appreciate your interest! I'd love for you to stop by the office for a cup of coffee so that I can keep answering your questions.


Carrie Requist 3 years, 3 months ago

Melnda, I would be happy to drop by and chat sometime and will contact you directly.


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