Barn fire in Bailey puts Comcast Internet out in Steamboat


When a barn in Bailey burns, Steamboat Springs goes dark.

About 13,000 Comcast customers in Steamboat were left without cable TV, Internet access or phone service Friday after a fiber line burned in a fire more than three hours away in the foothills of the Front Range.

According to officials with the Platte Canyon Fire Department, a barn fire Friday morning was strong enough to burn the fiber optic line that hung above it.

Services were restored to parts of Steamboat Springs beginning at 4:55 p.m.

Comcast Vice President of Public Relations Cindy Parsons said Friday afternoon that crews were dispatched to splice the fiber optic line, which would restore connectivity to Comcast customers in Steamboat.

About 7,500 video customers were affected in Steamboat, she said, and about 13,000 customers were affected total across all the company’s services.

She said that she was only aware of service outages in Steamboat caused by the fire in Bailey.

Steamboat residents crowded Bud Werner Memorial Library on Friday trying to find an Internet connection.

Bud Werner Memorial Library is served by local fixed wireless provider Zirkel Wireless.

Alan Belvo, of Zirkel Wireless, said Friday that they had experienced no outages.

Zirkel offers free service to libraries in the communities it services.

“We upgraded the network this past summer,” Belvo said, adding that their new, faster plans have been selling well but that there are some installation appointments starting to open.


Scott Ford 3 years, 3 months ago

Hi Scott – Your point is well taken. Thankfully yesterday there were options; however, I too was significantly “handcuffed” with Comcast’s service outage yesterday. They can do better and I hope to learn more about why they are not.


Scott Wedel 3 years, 3 months ago

I see no reason why this is anything other than a Comcast internal business decision. If they want to operate without any redundancy then that is their choice. As long as they are not falsely claiming to have a fail safe system then they are free to fail as often as they want.

Personally, I think Comcast is taking a massive risk operating without a redundant network because they could have a failure Sunday when the Broncos are playing and they'd lose customers for life if they lost service during a Broncos Superbowl.

Customers like the above Scotts shouldn't be looking towards government, but should be calling Comcast and demanding a reliable service or take their business elsewhere.

The only possible need for government action in response to this outage might be a requirement that network providers disclose to their customers whether they have redundant connectivity.


Clay Ogden 3 years, 3 months ago

Well ... the franchise agreement (which I think only applies to video, not telephone and Internet) should make Comcast's video delivery a city government issue because that agreement grants a local monopoly for cable video service.


Chris Hadlock 3 years, 3 months ago

With their poor record of service, anyone that is still giving Comcast money deserves the poor service that they are receiving. SImply put, there are other options and your time/money would be better spent pursuing those choices than continuing to reward Comcast for their terrible attitude about customer service.


jerry carlton 3 years, 3 months ago

I had Zirkel and was pleased with their service. Dish Network is no bed of roses. It is technology. They will all have their glitches. Number one objective is to make money. They are not in business for your good or mine but for their own good. GO BRONCOS!


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