Kim Haggarty and Pat Waters already are looking at plans for opening a new music venue, Schmiggity's, early this spring in downtown Steamboat Springs.

Photo by John F. Russell

Kim Haggarty and Pat Waters already are looking at plans for opening a new music venue, Schmiggity's, early this spring in downtown Steamboat Springs.

New music venue with catchy name planned for downtown Steamboat


— Schmiggity’s. Sound it out, stretch the “sh” sound and hit the long "e."

It could be what escapes your mouth after slipping on a patch of ice. It could be a unit of measure — "just a schmiggity more" — or what is hollered during an especially epic show.

Have fun with it; Kim Haggarty and Pat Waters do.

What began as a favorite exclamation used by Waters has become the name of their new downtown music venue.

“The most frequently asked question is what does Schmiggity mean?” Haggarty wrote in an email. “The answer is simple: It can mean whatever you want it to mean.”

The venue isn’t slated to open until at least March — demolition hasn’t even started yet — but Haggarty and Waters have plans to make Schmiggity’s into a true late-night, live music destination for downtown Steamboat Springs.

“It’ll be very industrial in here,” Haggarty said Tuesday while standing in the Lincoln Avenue space that she leased for five years, only a couple of doors down from the Chief Theater.

Green tape marked out a stage, sound booth and bar. The rest of the space will be dedicated to an open floor for concerts and dancing.

The bar will serve beer and well drinks as well as Schmiggity Ball Sandwiches based on Haggarty’s family meatball recipe.

Those who make any drink requests deemed too fancy will be referred to the bar at Haggarty’s Sweetwater Grill on Yampa Street.

Sweetwater’s transition to a more upscale menu is what started the search for a separate venue for some of the music that was being hosted at the restaurant.

As Haggarty and Waters explained Tuesday, Sweetwater’s new chef, Nic Dittore, brought up the incongruity of the new menu and Steamboat-favorite Rowdy Shadehouse’s level of undress and sometimes-phallic props.

Haggarty said the music was one of her favorite parts of Sweetwater and that she was having a hard time letting go of it before the potential for Schmiggity’s presented itself.

Schmiggity’s will use staff members from Sweetwater as bands, along with later nights, move into the new venue when it opens. The Schmiggity Ball Sandwiches also will be made at Sweetwater.

Haggarty said that Friday and Saturday nights at the new venue will be mainly dedicated to out-of-town bands with Wednesdays and Thursdays being filled out with local acts.

Haggarty is on the board of the Chief Theater, but in contrast to the earlier and more “coffeehouse”-style shows at the Chief, she said, Schmiggity’s shows will start closer to 10 p.m. and feature more rock groups.

Waters said he’s already started talking to people about routing — how bands get from one gig to another — to feel out what acts moving through Western Colorado could be persuaded to stop in Steamboat. When it's up and running, the venue's website will be at

They plan to have the venue open seven days per week during the busy seasons, with DJs and dancing filling out some of the other nights.

Waters said he’s working with local sound engineer Scott Singer to get the venue ready for live performances.

Owning a restaurant, music and gift store and now a music venue all in downtown Steamboat will give Haggarty a lot of potential for cross-marketing, and she and Waters plan on selling Schmiggity’s merchandise.

“It’s going to be fun,” Haggarty said about the new venue.

“No stuffiness allowed,” Waters said.

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bill schurman 3 years, 3 months ago

Just one more place for the drunks to gather and for the police to monitor. And, to think that the city outlaws marijuana clubs where soda, water, and chips and the like are on the menu. The "munchies" rule the day and not the usual fights that alcohol brings. It'll happen, be patient brothers and sisters.


jerry carlton 3 years, 3 months ago

Were you a stoner while you were a public defender or is this something new?


john bailey 3 years, 3 months ago

haha , soon Bill and it'll smell better then a cigar reason not to offer beer while they are at it. makes for easier hulaingingg


Bret Marx 3 years, 3 months ago

And the haters come out. I'm excited for a new music venue. This town needs a good one, not a restaurant with some little stage in the corner and no dance floor. Good luck Kim and Pat! Miss the days of Levelz. Bring it on! Didn't the first three people who posted read the last line of the article? No stuffiness allowed.


Collin Kelley 3 years, 3 months ago

@ BRET MARX - At least the bar/restaurants try... If the bar/restaurants didn't do music, Steamboat would have NO music scene AT ALL. I'm sure the local musicians and bands in this town that make their living playing in those restaurants with those little stages in the corner would disagree with your comment whole-heartedly.... Locals spout off non-stop about the lack of a 'music scene' in Steamboat - yet when good talent is booked anywhere in Steamboat, they scoff at the idea of actually paying to see it! Typical "I'm a local" mentality - can't/won't pay five bucks to see a high-quality touring band in their own backyard... Maybe we are spoiled by the Free Summer Concerts on the Hill and the free concerts that the mountain puts on?


Bret Marx 3 years, 3 months ago

What Collin, no congrats to Kim and Pat for there new venture?


Bob Smith 3 years, 3 months ago

it's hard to imagine any good bands traveling to SB for an <500 person venue.


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