Jim Boyne: A world-class event


Dear community of Steamboat Springs,

As I reflect on the 101st Winter Carnival weekend, I am awed by the way that my colleagues and the community came together to pull off what I believe was a "world-class" event in this special mountain town. While it may have been the 101st celebration of Winter Carnival in Steamboat Springs, it was brand new for me and my family and our visiting friends, and we were absolutely amazed and thrilled to see it in all of its splendor and glory!

From the Street Events, to the exceptional and festive hospitality receptions, to the Night Extravaganza, the community of Steamboat Springs puts on an event that is worthy of global esteem and praise. The Winter Carnival is unique in its entertainment value, its celebration of our local youth and love of winter sports, and in its universal and overwhelming community support.  On behalf of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, we are proud and honored to be associated with organizing this wonderful event for more than a century.

As I sat down to write thank you's, I quickly realized that the list of individuals and organizations who are deserving of thanks and gratitude was extremely long, and I would not want to miss any single supporter, each of whom played a critical role in the success of the Winter Carnival. 

The generosity of many who donate time, money and their unique talents to this event provide the powerful energy and momentum to create something special and unique in this world. In addition, our coaches, other community ski experts (and daredevils) and our young athletes, take great pride in giving us their best to make us shout, scream, hoot, smile and laugh, and to amaze us with the spectacle of their talents and skill on Howelsen Hill.

Thank you Ski Town USA for your love, devotion and support of the Winter Carnival, our Olympic heritage and our culture of winter sports and mountain living! For me, it truly represents all the goodness of this town that I began to fall in love with more than 15 years ago. It highlights the best of Steamboat Springs, is a tribute to our wonderful western and winter sports heritage and is a reflection of the great things we can do together as a community.

I am proud to be associated with the Winter Sports Club and our community for coming together to ensure the success of the 101st Winter Carnival. My wish for each of you is that your excitement and enjoyment of it matched that of my family and friends who saw it for the first time — it was magical and spectacular!

With much admiration and gratitude,

Jim Boyne

Executive Director

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club


David Moore 3 years, 2 months ago

I share the opinion that the winter carnival is a world class event, and, I bring family and friends each year to it. However this year I ran into something strange and wanted to voice my feeling about it. As we attempted to enter the night ceremony at Howelson, we were stopped by someone selling "buttons" and were told we had to have one before we could enter. As I looked around I saw many entering without one and when I questioned this I was told by this individual that we each had to have one or we could not enter, he was physically blocking us from entering unless we paid. I will admit this is the first time I have gone to the hill for the ceremony, normally I enjoy it from a different vantage point but decided it would be cool to be up close and personal, especially with the Big Bang at the end. I am not sure if this practice of demanding entry fee to this event is proper, and if it is, my bad...but it gets more deceptive from here. Anyway, I asked how much they were and he told me that they were $10 each, having a group of four I was not going to pay $40 for something I could see from the parking lot for free. Frustrated we began to retreat to a different location to watch the show, but were bummed we could not get up close. After a moment of reflection, I decided to approach a different button saleswoman to validate the demand I was receiving further up the path. This very nice lady and her daughter happily told me they were just taking a donation and that there were no "button police" checking everyone. Amazed at this new development I related my earlier story to her and she again reiterated that it was a donation, however much I decided to give would get me the coveted button. At the urging of the children to be up close, I made a modest donation, which she happily thanked me for and gave us our four apparently required buttons with no further hassle. Testing this button-for-entry requirement I pocketed mine and found I could move freely about without hassle of not having a button, I made it a point to walk directly in front of the man who demanded I have one earlier, he looked right at me and said nothing about my missing yet concealed button. I guess what I am getting at is that many people are happy to donate, and eventually I happily did. However I cannot help to feel that this individual, thinking I was a tourist, was scamming me for money, which given the event and the cause, was more than wrong if it is the case. It makes me wonder how many others he took advantage of and how much of the money he collected actually made it to the charity it was to go to. Again, I have no problem donating money for a good cause, however don't lie to me or scam me to get it, I'm not that dumb. At any rate, the show was truly grand and I enjoyed it with my button tucked tightly in my pocket, and, I won't let this influence me from future attendance, I would never miss this show.


david niedermeier 3 years, 2 months ago

David, My understanding is that the 10 dollars is expected to be paid by everyone even though there are no button police. I don't think you were getting scammed. There was a volunteer doing what he was told- 10 bucks a head. Could you sneak in without paying? Absolutely. Should you? The fireworks show alone is a steal for $10.

Great show. Thanks to all involved putting it together.


Jim Boyne 3 years, 2 months ago

Hello David, I just want to clear up your misunderstanding regarding Winter Carnival buttons. As broadly published and broadcast in Steamboat, a Winter Carnival button is the official entry pass to viewing all of the Winter Carnival events, including the Street Events and the Night Extravaganza that you attended. It is the way our community visibly shows it's support of the Winter Carnival, as has been its tradition for at least 45 years. The purpose of selling the buttons is to offset some of the significant costs of the Winter Carnival and also benefits the athletes of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. It is not some attempt to fleece tourists as you suggested. I apologize for the different explanations that you may have received from our volunteers, but the process of selling buttons is usually not confrontational in any way, we have sold thousands of them every year for the last 45 years, and there is broad community support and understanding of the history and purpose of the practice-we wear the buttons with pride. Our volunteers have proven to be honest and give generously of their time in support of the Winter Sports Club and our community year in and year out. I can assure you your money made its way to our club and will be put to productive use. I am glad you and your guests enjoyed the show and hope you each got your $10.00 worth. I know I did. Please come out next year, purchase your button, and enjoy the show. Respectfully,


David Moore 3 years, 2 months ago

Thank you both for the explanations, I am happy to donate to a worthy cause and the SSWSC is a good one. I guess the reason I was confused is because in all the times I have attended the events, I never had a button, and, never knew I had to have one as no one stopped me to tell me I needed one. I have seen others wearing them, but never once had been approached to buying one as I did that night. No worries, I will return and will support the club, it's worth it.


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