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Audrey Enever 2 years, 11 months ago

I am not often moved to frustration but this new system where I have to answer a question, that can only be for some outside marketing agency, before I can read the continuation of a story will result in my discontinuing reading your paper on line.

Sometimes intrusions go too far.


David Moore 2 years, 11 months ago

AdBlock plus. I have never had to answer anything.


rhys jones 2 years, 11 months ago

... and I call myself a geek. Ha.

I installed AdBlock Plus a while back, at someone's suggestion (forgot who, thank you anyway) to block those annoying popup banner ads at the top and bottom, squeezing out content, Slopeside Grill comes to mind. And it worked fine for that.

I never knew you could use it to block their stupid reader surveys (I answer "no" to everything, hoping it will go away as soon as possible) or that it could do that... did it need a restart if I've rebooted since I installed it? I Googled it real quick -- no, it was running in my Firefox...

I did see one obscurity... checking on AdBlock settings... under Tools -> Adblock Plus -> Filter Preferences then Filter Subscriptions tab, there is a check box at the bottom, already checked, labelled "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" and I guess if you uncheck that, it might block their inane surveys.

Unfortunately I won't know any results for at least a week. I answered a whole barrage of questions yesterday, for the sacred privelege of reading this rag, which supposedly will buy me seven survey-free days. Do you use this? Are you planning on buying that? How do you like Clint Eastwood? (no... no... no... love him) They walk you into corners, forcing a response to things you don't know or care about.

Hopefully this little tweak will block the pests for good, and I hope it helps someone else. And if somebody out there has better information, we would all benefit if you shared it.


David Moore 2 years, 11 months ago

Well, geek I am not, however it is the only ad blocker I run, so it must be what is keeping their surveys off my screen. I use Firefox, Norton security, CrapCleaner and AdBlock plus. Not really sure what it is but I have no side banner ads, no surveys and no pop-ups. I delete browsing history often and change up my passwords frequently. I have 2 cards I use, one business and one personal. I use the personal, which I deposit a set amount in every two weeks to pay bills, to make other purchases such as tickets and hotel rooms. I also shred everything with my name on it. Not sure if it's the right way, but it has worked for me so far.


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