Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club snowboarding results from the 2014 USASA National Championships


Women’s open slalom

1. Maggie Carrigan

2. Lynn Ott

4. Katie Keough

Men’s open slalom

1. Justin Reiter

2. Michael Trapp

3. AJ Muss

5. Steven MacCutcheon

6. Everett McEwan

8. Billy Winters

9. Robby Burns

10. Converse Fields

Women’s open giant slalom

2. Lynn Ott

3. Katie Keough

Men’s open giant slalom

1. Justin Reiter

2. Converse Fields

3. Michael Trapp

4. AJ Muss

5. Steven MacCutcheon

9. Everett McEwan

11. Billy Winters

13. Robbie Burns

Breaker girls half-pipe

3. Savanna Atkins

9. Ocoee Wilson

Breaker girls slalom

8. Grace Drobek

Breaker girls snowboard cross

4. Savanna Atkins

Breaker girls giant slalom

10. Grace Drobek

Breaker girls slope-style

10. Grace Drobek

Breaker boys slalom

2. Cody Winters

12. Winston Vaughan

Breaker boys half-pipe

10. Cody Winters

33. Ryan Merritt

Breaker boys slope-style

45. Cody Winters

62. Winston Vaughan

Breaker boys giant slalom

1. Cody Winters

9. Winston Vaughan

Breaker boys snowboard cross

1. Cody Winters

3. Ryan Merritt

35. Winston Vaughan

40. Ben Larsen

Menehune boys half-pipe

25. Marty Boyd

30. Jacy Werner

34. Johnny Duty

Menehune boys slope-style

31. Jacy Werner

46. Marty Boyd

Menehune boys snowboard cross

17. Jacy Werner

18. Marty Boyd

Youth men giant slalom

2. Christian De Oliveira

Youth men slalom

3. Christian De Oliveira

Youth men slope-style

32. Spencer Vaughan

Junior men slope-style

18. Skyler Nornes

Junior men giant slalom

2. Garrett Denney

8. Sage Washabaugh

10. Myles Silverman

Junior men slalom

3. Garrett Denney

7. Myles Silverman

10. Sage Washabaugh

Junior women slope-style

17. Ocoee Wilson

Jams men slope-style

25. Berin Klawiter

Jams men half-pipe

9. Berin Klawiter

Jams men giant slalom

1. Tom Boldt

Jams men slalom

8. Tom Boldt

Ruggie boys and girls half-pipe

8. Braden Duty

Open men banked slalom

2. Billy Winters

Open women banked slalom

2. Tori Koski

8. Katie Keough

Girls 10-13 banked slalom

3. Grace Drobek

Girls 14 and over banked slalom

2. Savannah Atkins

Boys 10-13 banked slalom

1. Cody Winters

Boys 14 and over banked slalom

2. Christian De Oliveira

16. Sage Washabaugh

23. Marcus Suputo


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