Steamboat cross-country mixes it up at Rampart Invitational


— With the stress of regional competition right around the corner, the Steamboat Springs High School cross-country team had a little fun Saturday.

Rampart Invitational Results

Steamboat Boys

■ 49. Zach Sperry, 21:57.30

■ 57. Sam Scully, 22:15.40

■ 59. Erik Rudolph, 22:16.20

■ 62. Peter Myller, 22:38.60

■ 63. Ben Lingle, 22:39.30

■ 68. Harrison Smith, 24:07.80

Steamboat Girls

■ 12. Alex Tumminello, 22:58.50

■ 20. Meg O'Connell, 23:21.10

■ 37. Bailey Pugh, 24:51.70

■ 41. Temsup Techarukpong, 25:05.50

■ 43. Isabel Feldman, 25:13.50

■ 60. Aubrey Rohde, 31:37.00

2013 Sailors cross-country schedule

It was the first time the Sailors competed in the Rampart Foxes and Hounds Invitational in Colorado Springs, and the format was different from any other invitational this year.

Under the “Foxes and Hounds” system, teams send off their runners in ascending order, with the slowest taking off first and the fastest taking off last. Sailors coach Greg Long took six varsity girls and six varsity boys for the race.

Zach Sperry, the Sailors' top boys runner, led all Steamboat runners with a 49th place finish on the 5,000-meter course. Sam Scully and Erik Rudolph weren’t far behind with 57th-place and 59th-place finishes, respectively.

On the girls side, Alex Tumminello was the second-to-last Sailor to take off but finished a team-best 12th place. Meg O’Connell was tabbed the top starter and crossed the finish line in 20th place.

Long said that on the boys side, his six competitors decided to have a friendly competition under the “funky format.”

For every teammate who passed another, Long said his runners would owe one another a cookie. In Sperry’s case, since he started last and passed every teammate, the other five now owe him a cookie.

“I told them, 'Hey, you guys need some skin in the game,'” Long said. “They said, "Let’s not do money, let’s do food.'”

Long praised the effort by Rudolph especially, who was listed as the Sailors’ fifth-fastest runner and ended up third overall among his teammates.

“They had fun today,” Long said Saturday. “They liked it today because it was an interesting course with a river crossing. Kids had to run through water. It was a great spectator course, too.”

Steamboat will host a 5K that precedes Friday’s homecoming football game, and all community members are welcome to compete. The team then will head to Rifle for the Rifle Invitational before regional competition begins at Delta on Oct. 18.

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