Letter to the editor: Vote ‘yes’ on Referendum 2A


We are not old enough to vote, but if we could, we would vote “yes” on Referendum 2A. We are members to the Steamboat Springs High School mountain bike team, and we are proud to have earned fourth in the state championships at the recent Eagle race.

We are so lucky to have the trails we do for training, but it would be great if there were even more trails of varying difficulty and diversity. Many of us also are bike coaches to younger kids in the summer. More than 180 kids participated in the Wednesday morning Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club bike program this summer, and the trails were packed with kids from age 7 and older.

Sometimes it was tough for the beginners and the younger kids, because Steamboat is lacking in easier trails and terrain. We think it must be hard for novice tourists who come here to bike as well. If 2A passes, we’d like to see more novice trails built so more kids can learn to mountain bike, and more advanced trails for us, because next year we want to be first in state.

Please support us, the younger up-and-coming mountain bikers, and help make Steamboat a great place to ride for all ability levels by voting “yes” on Referendum 2A.

Thank you.

Jett Seymour

Koby Vargas

Jack Rosenthal

Peter Rosenthal

Tristan Fischer


Nate Bird 3 years, 6 months ago

Thanks for your passion boys - it's great to see youngsters getting involved in the prosperity of our community! And well done at State - can't wait to see how you do next year!


Scott Wedel 3 years, 6 months ago

And as they become adults they will learn that how a good idea is to be achieved is important.

A 10 year commitment that removes accountability is a bad way to implement a good idea.

The accommodations tax is collected regardless and will still be available to spend on trails if 2A fails.

2A prevents accountability to spend elsewhere if the trails aren't popular. 2A prevents flexibility to do things like splitting the funds one year to build zip lines and trails. 2A is a bad way to implement a good idea.


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