The city has vetted more than two dozens sites for a new police station.

City of Steamboat Springs/courtesy

The city has vetted more than two dozens sites for a new police station.

City of Steamboat Springs launches website showing locations considered for new police station


— The city of Steamboat Springs has launched its new website showing 27 locations it has considered to build a new police headquarters.

The sites range from a 5-acre parcel near the Hampton Inn on U.S. Highway 40 to the existing campus at 840 Yampa St.

City staff has listed the pros, cons and potential “deal killers” for each of the sites and is inviting the public to share feedback and their own ideas.

The city plans to present four primary locations for the Steamboat Springs City Council to consider Dec. 3.

Those locations are not identified on the new website.

"We have some ideas, but those could change depending on the community responses," City Manager Deb Hinsvark said Friday.

Based on where a majority of police calls originate in the city, Public Safety Director Joel Rae has said the ideal location of a new station would be somewhere between 13th Street and Pine Grove Road.

At a budget hearing earlier this month, the City Council reaffirmed its commitment to include the new station on the list of capital projects the city will fund throughout the next six years.

Starting in 2014, the city has budgeted a maximum of $8.9 million for the project, but the projected building cost of the station has not been finalized.

City officials say the current 6,600-square-foot police headquarters on Yampa Street is cramped and insufficient for today's police force.

A space needs analysis done this year on the current station found the police department needed at least 18,000 square feet to operate efficiently and effectively.

To view the site and offer feedback, visit

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Potential police station locations

Police station locations


Scott Wedel 3 years, 7 months ago

So reading through the building standards I see that the Chief of Police needs 1,036 sq ft of space between his office and his executive conference room. When I worked for a $250M annual revenues high tech company, our CEO had nothing like that. He had his standard 150 sq ft executive office. And he used the same conference room as others. But I guess SB is blessed with the Police Chief of Bling. I don't know if his personal bathroom has a $20,000 bathtub, but our Police Chief is apparently too good to share the employee restrooms. At the very least, if we don't have an egomaniac as Chief of Police then we can save $400,000 by building just a nice office for the police chief.

And there is another 955 sq ft so that the police dept can have their own community meeting room. Considering all of the meeting space at Centennial Hall, the police dept can save $500,000 and use Centennial Hall for public meetings.

And, of course, SB needs a far nicer and larger public entrance area than was built for the Routt County Sheriff's dept.

And what they never told the public - a common money saving option is to split the police HQ into two buildings so only one needs to meet the stricter essential building codes and the other is a support building that can be build to normal building codes.

I think all of this hue and cry over the location is so that the public never looks at or questions the "requirements" for their dreamy new police building.


John St Pierre 3 years, 7 months ago

Scott what do you expect when the city hired an outside firm specializing in Police Stations... all the whistles the bells and then some.... did you notice most of the featured photo's were not from Mtn towns..... AS you know Arvada PD has much in common w Steamboat... NOT!!!!!! Guess they never heard of Frisco, Silverthorne, Breckenridge etc etc etc... Frisco PD shares its facilities w the city hall... with the support at another site w Public Maintenance... (for the past 30+yrs) novel concept ??? Not to mention these Dept.'s are far more busy than here in 'da Boat!!!!


John St Pierre 3 years, 7 months ago

Why not move city hall offices to the Iron Horse buildings and build the new station on the present city hall site??????

The comment about building on the existing public parking lot.... "Eliminates it from commercial development"... how and when did the city think about selling that????


Scott Wedel 3 years, 7 months ago

And there is a briefing/debriefing room for the dept along with a similar sized conference room with the main difference being a row of chairs facing the front vs facing the table.

We could save a few hundred thousand dollars if we think that some of our police officers are able to turn a chair around.


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