Scott Hoffner: No Mitsch Bush


Anytime you see the word sustainable in a narrative from a politician, you know they are well into the politics of the liberal establishment. That is exactly where we find Diane Mitsch Bush. If you look at her positions, you will find that she follows the extreme liberal philosophy.

She follows, in lockstep, the Colorado Democrat coalition, and unfortunately for us, she follows the national Democrat coalition.

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First, and most importantly, she supported all of the anti-gun agenda except the fee for background checks. She voted for all of the Hickenlooper/Bloomberg attempts to restrict our rights to gun ownership. This includes but is not limited to: magazine capacity limits and background checks for private gun sales. She also was a co-sponsor of a bill prohibiting the possession of concealed handguns on college campuses. All an affront to our Second Amendment rights.

In addition, she is for same-day voter registration (a sure way for voter fraud to occur, I say), the authorization of civil unions, increased renewable energy standards on rural Colorado and in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants.

If that is not the full tamale of the liberal agenda, then I don’t know what is.

No wonder she is for Amendment 66. What liberal Democrat wouldn’t be? It taxes ... and it spends!

It raises taxes for Routt County families at the median income level by 8 percent and for those with incomes at more than $75,000, 27 percent on the difference. That is $233 more in taxes for families in Routt County at the median income level of $63,000. For a family making $125,000, the increase is $912.

Some argue that this is money well spent. As I understand the bills, Routt County has a problem, though. Some of that money may not come back to Routt County because we have a “rich” district. It will be redistributed to districts that are less fortunate. Routt County will have to make up that loss by raising property taxes. Senate Bill 213, which will take effect if Amendment 66 passes, adjusts the per-pupil formula in an attempt to make state funding equal for every student in the state. In addition, it authorizes mill levy overrides to facilitate this.

The pro-Amendment 66 people have a website that lists a laundry list of benefits “for the children” but does not mention the fact that local districts can use some of the monies to back-fund PERA. Even Gov. John Hickenlooper has admitted to such. Teachers are part of the state-run pension fund called PERA. This horribly run fund has an unfunded liability of $21 billion. What better way of propping up this fund than by raising taxes on hard working Coloradans?

Diane Mitsch Bush was elected in 2012 as, what most would agree, a moderate Democrat. I wonder if her real agenda was known at that time, she would have had as much support? Much like in the cases of Sens. Angela Giron and John Morse, I think not.

I have known Diane for more than 20 years. Nice lady. A very good teacher, when she taught. Very articulate and smart. And, yes, very liberal.

In my opinion, Diane Mitsch Bush is not sustainable for Routt County.

Scott Hoffner

Steamboat Springs

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Fred Duckels 3 years, 6 months ago

Correct me if I am wrong but the taxpayers are on the hook for PERA. We are going to pay regardless but this may be one way mitigate this pathetic boondoggle. School expense goes overwhelmingly to teachers salary but then this is for the little children.


Scott Wedel 3 years, 6 months ago

She seems to be a pretty typical Colorado Democrat. I don't see where she is any more liberal than the typical Colorado Democrat. She isn't out there advocating some left wing policy that is too much for the rest of the party.

Instead she faces ardent right wing opposition whom cannot accept the fact that she is a Democrat representing a district dominated by democratic voter registration. The list of grievances in the letter is the standard list of right wing policies advocated by the defeated Republican candidate.


mark hartless 3 years, 6 months ago

You are right Scott.

Republicans just can't stand anything Democrat and vise-versa. She represents her constituents. They are leftists/statists and so is she. Why is anyone surprised is beyond me.

And Fred... everything is "for the children". They spend all the up-front money on surperfluous nonsense and then ask for more in the name of "it's for the children". Only a real monster of a republican (or worse tea party terrorist) would want to deny funding for things that are "for the children".

I'm surprised there is not some proposal for a "childrens" bike path leading to the airport where they sell free health insurance while the "children" wait for their free (or highly subsidized) plane tickets to Candy Land...


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