Power returns to Oak Creek after 8-hour outage


— Electricity has returned to Oak Creek after an eight-hour outage that affected half of the town.

Town administrator Mary Alice Page-Allen said some tree branches that fell on a power line at Arthur Avenue and Nancy Crawford Boulevard were to blame for the town's second major power outage in recent weeks.

The power was cut off at about 1 a.m. and returned at 9 a.m.

“The reason it took that long to (get the power back on) is we needed daylight to figure out where the fall had occurred,” Page-Allen said. “It didn't create a fire or anything in the tree branches that were the problem, so we had no idea where it was. The high winds and the fact that we still have leaves on the trees with this kind of weather is really giving us some problems.”

The city's public works and police departments spent the morning going pole to pole to figure out where the outage originated.

Page-Allen said the outage affected the west and south sides of town.


Scott Wedel 3 years, 7 months ago

YVEA, a professionally operated electric utility, with so many times more miles of power lines has this sort of problem how often?

So many cities in YVEA's service area with above ground power lines like Oak Creek has had how many 8 hour power outages for half of their city?

Just more evidence of the harm done by transferring so much money from the electric enterprise to the general fund. The town will say their electric system is properly run and does not violate any codes. But talk to any professional electrician or YVEA maintenance and they can describe any number of issues unique to Oak Creek.

That sorry state of the town's electric system is that the closest they can isolate an electrical fault is to one side of the town.

But at least I can write this comment tonight because the Town Administrator decided to ignore the stop sign at Sharp as she blazed a right turn onto Nancy Crawford Blvd towards the park shortly before 3 pm. I'm pretty sure she never saw me, but I saw her. I don't know what was the emergency, but if she is going to drive through town like an emergency vehicle then she needs emergency lights and a siren.


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