Donna Dunkelberger: Wildlife not to blame


Our life in Steamboat is enhanced by the beautiful wildlife around us. The balance of our ecosystem is dependent on all species living among one another. Humans are encroaching on the habitat of all other species at an overwhelming rate, which is threatening life on earth.

If a human lets a predator loose in a moose’s natural habitat, and the moose defends itself, should it be the policy of humans (or wildlife officials) to euthanize the animal that was only minding its own business? Or, should the humans follow the rules of the natural environment and coexist through managing the human-caused problems and dangers to the other species.

Perhaps humans need to think about their loose dogs, their open trash and their polluting behaviors of all kinds before blaming the other species.

Donna Dunkelberger

Steamboat Springs


Fred Duckels 3 years, 7 months ago

The family cat is the most lethal predator that we have.


rhys jones 3 years, 7 months ago

Yeah, I dunno what all this hoopla about wild animals is anyway. I keep hearing they were here first, but I challenge anybody to find ONE who's been here half as long as most of our contributors. All of the animals who were alive when we were born are dead now, most from natural causes. They were born into a world with roads and buildings, while we have to continually deal with young punk animals.

All they do is dent our fenders, smash our grilles, trash our gardens, get into the hay, eat the bird food, physically attack us, get into dumpsters, eat our small pets, tease and tempt the big ones, eat the very plants which produce oxygen, produce methane gas, carry disease and pestilence...

Then you've got your Chronic Wasting Disease, or CWD, a relative of Mad Cow disease, holes in the brain, found more and more often in the local deer and elk herds... maybe our Bad Moose is a Mad Moose, eh? All the more reason...

Down in Cortez, the prairie dogs have become such a nuisance, they have an open shoot of them, every year. Now I'm not suggesting...

[note: facetious]


mark hartless 3 years, 7 months ago

Can the Pile-it tell us what part of the usage agreement I violated?


mark hartless 3 years, 7 months ago

The most lethal predator we have is us.

We kill our fellow man in Chicago over drugs, in Afghanistan over religion, in other nations over disagreements of political philosophy, and we kill the unborn because they are an inconvenience. Then we (The Steamboat Pilot and Today) censor those that call attention to the slaughter of unborn humans while giving column to those who cry about wildlife's problems interacting with man.

I think wildlife is the least of our problems.

Censoring my last comment was really cheap, partisan, chicken shot.


rhys jones 3 years, 7 months ago

I agree with you, Mark. I don't think it is within the Pilot's disgression what subjects are taboo and what are not. If the people want to talk about it, let 'em go. I chose to not.

It's not like I haven't derailed a forum before, and they let it ride. Then again, I'm funny.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 7 months ago

We're as much a part of the ecosystem as any other organism. If our dominance of that ecosystem leads to encounters with the wild, we have an obligation to minimize the attendant dangers. If attacks on people occur regardless, it is our obligation to see that the aggressor is euthanized. And no - Ms. Vanatta walking her dogs does not make her the aggressor. Ms. Dunkelberger's assignment of guilt to the victim is repugnant and offensive. I have an angel on one shoulder & a devil on the other. The angel has momentarily won out, so I will refrain from appending a label directly to Ms. Dunkelberger.


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