Colorado Supreme Court finds school funding to be constitutional


The Colorado Supreme Court has found the state's system of funding public schools to be constitutional, handing a bitter defeat to plaintiffs in the so-called Lobato case and raising billion-dollar questions about the direction of school finance.

The 2005 lawsuit, filed by individuals from the San Luis Valley and later joined by districts across the state, contended that Colorado doesn't provide a constitutionally mandated "thorough and uniform" system of public education.

A trial court agreed, but the Supreme Court, on a 4-2 vote announced Tuesday morning, overturned that decision. It found that the current finance system is, in fact, "rationally related" to the thorough and uniform standard.

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Scott Wedel 3 years, 11 months ago

Big news because the school financing reform bill is no longer legally required or needs to satisfy some judge's view of fairness.

Now any financing reform bill doesn't need to find ways to prevent well off districts from spending more than poorer districts.


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