Rob Straebel approaches the finish line at Saturday's Hayden Cog Run. He finished in 1.17.28.

Photo by Luke Graham

Rob Straebel approaches the finish line at Saturday's Hayden Cog Run. He finished in 1.17.28.

Hayden Cog Run draws crowd to season-opening Running Series event



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2013 Steamboat Springs Running Series schedule

— Steamboat Springs Running Series records will fall if Nathan Allen has his say.

The AmeriCorps volunteer who works with Partners in Routt County moved to Steamboat in August.

Part of the burgeoning Routt County running community, Allen looks to be the best this summer and could challenge many of the records Nick Sunseri set in 2011.

Sunseri left in 2012 to head to Canada to chase an Olympic dream, and now his spot as one of Routt County’s top runners could be overtaken by Allen.

The former Lindenwood University runner set a blistering pace Saturday at the Running Series’ opening event.

Allen never had done the Hayden Cog Run before and said his lack of knowledge was a good thing.

“That helps in running,” he said. “Ignorance to the competition and the course can help so you can’t psych yourself out.”

Allen was just off the course record, which was set in 2003 by Mark Warner in a time of 48 minutes, 25 seconds.

The turn at the top of the Cog was relocated Saturday, however, turning the expected 8.4-mile trek into 7.75 miles.

Allen finished the run in 46:07. Brett Brock was second in 50:56, and Harry Niedl was third in 51:32.

“I read the article about it in the paper about the big climb and talked with people around town about how tough the climb is,” Allen said. “That was all true. It was rough.”

Elite triathlete Heather Gollnick was the top female finisher, covering the course in 57:38. Karen Monsen was second in 1:09.08, and Erin Allard was third in 1:12.40.

“That was great coming from Florida where it’s so flat,” Gollnick said. “It was amazing up there. Being newer to Colorado and seeing the grass turn greener and greener, it was just stunning.”

There also was a 5-kilometer run Saturday that had the distinct feel of a Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club cross-country podium.

Simon Zink was the top finisher in 18:24. Ben Kelley was second in 18:40 and Tanner Heil was third in 20:11.

On the women’s side Cara Piske was first in 22:09, Abbey Habermehl was second in 22:35, and Cara Marrs was third in 23:33.

The event also saw a big uptick in participation. It certainly helped that the weather was perfect for running Saturday.

Race director Jill Delay that said in her second year managing the race, things were much easier. The race also partnered with the Hayden Chamber for promotion.

In its 34th year, 87 runners competed Saturday after just 48 ran last year.

“That’s the hope,” Delay said. “We want to make the tradition a little deeper.”

The next Running Series race is the May 18 Spirit Challenge that features 5- and 10-kilometer races.

See full results here.

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Scott Wedel 3 years, 11 months ago

"Allen was just off the course record .... The turn at the top of the Cog was relocated Saturday, however, turning the expected 8.4-mile trek into 7.75 miles."

So he ran a course two thirds of a mile shorter and still had a slower time? At that pace, if he had run the old course then he would have finished 5 minutes behind the course record.

Obviously, running that far that fast is quite an accomplishment, but from the numbers given in the article, he is not much of a threat to beat course records during the running series.


rhys jones 3 years, 11 months ago

My country arithmetic says Allen ran at a 5:57/mile pace, which, extrapolated over the original 8.4 mile course, would result in a finish time between 50:04 and 50:12, depending on how you work the numbers... about a minute and a half off the pace of a record which has stood for 10 years -- even the Olympic hopeful two years ago didn't break -- so I'd say Nathan has a good shot at another record or two.

Sorry Jerry, I hate to break ranks -- but I just hate to see the numbers butchered by a supposed-expert, then used as a basis for a probably-errant conclusion, and I hope the people don't buy into it. I'm back in the conspiracy club now.

Good luck, Nathan!!


Dan Kuechenmeister 3 years, 11 months ago

Come on now. You can't blame the old curmudgeon Scott. He is so interested in finding some thing to mock and ridicule that he failed to realize that 46.07 - Nathan's time - is actually less (not more as Scott posted) then the record of 48.25. Scott failed to give the writer any credit for actually taking into account that the course was shorter. It reminds me of Pelosi on the health care bill. You have to actually read the article to know what is in the article


rhys jones 3 years, 11 months ago

I don't know what might have changed since then, but when I was a jarhead part of our PFT -- Physical Fitness Test -- was a 3-mile run. 18:00 or faster would earn you 100 points, the max; subtract 10 points per minute, to 28:00, at which point you fail the test.

That's a 6:00/mile pace, at sea level, on a flat course, when you've been training for months. My best time ever was 20:30.

Which makes me appreciate even more Nathan's accomplishment. Nice run, dude!!


john bailey 3 years, 11 months ago

did ya'll think anything less from a know-it-all. we can all hope to be so enlightened one of these days. SMH. did you find time to wash your hair yet?


Dan Kuechenmeister 3 years, 11 months ago

Scottie buddy, Still waiting to hear from you. You seem to have an opinion on every thing maybe you should apologize for your mistake or isn't that in your wheelhouse.


jerry carlton 3 years, 11 months ago

Rhys No problem. I have fallen off the wagon twice but Dan has joined us now and with a support conspiracy, we can help each other through rough patches. Rockies won today 8 to 2. Should have used some of those runs in their two previous games where they were shut out.


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