Former Routt County sheriff to serve 10 days in jail



Routt County Jail

Gary Wall's booking photo from Routt County Jail

— Former Routt County Sheriff Gary Wall will spend 10 days in Routt County Jail after pleading guilty last week to a second driving while ability impaired offense.

According to court records, Wall has to serve the sentence handed down by Judge James Garrecht by Aug. 1.

The Routt County District Attorney’s Office said Wall's blood-alcohol level was 0.056 after he was arrested Dec. 20, 2012, on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Because Wall had a blood-alcohol level between 0.05 and 0.065, the District Attorney’s Office agreed to give Wall a deferred sentence. As long as Wall follows the conditions of his probation, the case will be dismissed in two years.

Wall was ordered to pay $2,036 in court fees, including $1,200 for two years of supervised probation. Another $100 will go to Advocates Building Peaceful Communities. Wall also must undergo an alcohol evaluation and any recommended treatment. He is to refrain from using any alcohol or illegal drugs and will have to serve 24 hours of community service.

Wall’s attorney, Randy Klauzer, was unavailable for comment this week because he was traveling, according to one of his employees. Wall didn't immediately return a phone call seeking comment Wednesday evening.

Wall was booked into Routt County Jail on Dec. 20 after a Colorado State Patrol trooper contacted Wall after he got his car stuck in snowbank. According to the trooper, Wall said he had drank one beer about three hours earlier. Wall was arrested and submitted to a blood draw at Yampa Valley Medical Center.

The Colorado State Patrol also arrested Wall on suspicion of a similar offense during his one term in office. Wall disputed that arrest and fought the charges in court, where he eventually was found guilty by a jury of his peers of the lesser charge of driving while ability impaired.

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rhys jones 3 years, 10 months ago

Gary -- If they won't let you do weekends, a tip: They moved biscuits-and-gravy to Monday, so I MISSED it last time -- plan accordingly. You could get it twice. But be warned: You only get one biscuit now. Not three like before. Back when you ran the show. Good luck getting ONE milk, let alone two, and coffee? Ha. Those were the good ol' days, at RCSO. We miss you, Gary.

You only get one "rec" a day, not two... (am I remembering John Warner days?) and all the exercise equipment, all the bikes, climbers, weights, machines, even the ping-pong table -- trashed. All that's left is a jungle gym you can climb around on. But you can see freedom, on the other side of the chain link, when you're out there.

You'll probably get D pod, with all the bad boys, and the best place to be, your own bedroom. Lucky you.

All in all, I look at a stay at the local hoosegow as a vacation at camp, the Boys' Club, free of pressure, with good chow, plenty of books, (the TV echoes in that reverberant environment, to where I can barely understand it; I don't bother) you can sleep all you want -- MORE than you want... (you can't sleep enough) they even do the dishes. Tell 'em I said Hi!!


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