Sailors slip in key baseball game


— Errors did in the Steamboat Springs High School baseball team Thursday in the short term against Rifle, 9-2, and in the long term in the quest for the playoffs.

The Sailors were sloppy playing in Craig, and it cost them their last bits of hope for the postseason.

“We made some poor decisions mentally, so we ended up on the short end of the stick,” coach Dave Roy said. “Our playoff hopes have been dashed.”

Roy said that the team got a good game from pitcher Ryan Jeep but that he got little support from around the infield. Steamboat piled up seven errors that led to four unearned runs.

Michael Yost scored after he managed a third-inning walk, driven in on a Jesse Pugh sacrifice fly. Matt Regan then scored one inning later after reaching base on a single and coming around when Koby Bishop put the ball in play.

“We can play the game,” Roy said. “There’s no question about that. It’s a question of whether we’re there mentally, and we weren’t there yesterday.”

Steamboat has two dates left on the schedule. It plays a doubleheader Saturday in Craig against Summit County will go again Tuesday against Glenwood Springs. Roy said the team is hoping that game will be an actual home date at Emerald Park in Steamboat, a rare treat for the program. The team’s two seniors — Thomas Kelly, who hopes to return from injury for the doubleheader, and Yost — will celebrate Senior Day.

“We invite everyone to come out and watch the Sailors on the base paths,” Roy said.

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Harvey Lyon 3 years, 9 months ago

I drove out to Craig to catch the game Thursday.

Its a "towards the end of the" season game where "we have too much snow" doesn't cut excuses for what I saw. The juniors and seniors have played over 300 games in their lives at great expense to their parents and the school, and sponsors.

It's pretty clear watching the play and the dynamics that both the powers that be, the parents and the players need to decide if this is a rather expensive "after school activity" for teenagers or is it something that teaches them a bit about life.

It was also pretty clear to me that both the parents and the players thought it a "after school" activity as if they were still of sub-teen age.

I know this will tick some folks off as I've been a part of and observed baseball for some 50 years.......but Steamboat baseball is a travisty to the game (and the HS) considering the age and opportunities the juniors and seniors have had presented to them at little personal cost.

Anybody who is "ticked off" can contact me. Harv Lyon 846-1310. Its time these young men grew up.


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