Jeff Peters: We the people


Sheriff Garrett Wiggins was elected to enforce the enacted laws of the land. However, he has decided that he will personally choose which of those laws to enforce. That being the case, it stands to reason that “We The People” who elected him and pay his salary should personally decide which laws we choose to obey. If that sounds a bit like anarchy, then we have only Sheriff Wiggins to thank for planting the seed.

Something for all of us to mull over as we contemplate a petition to recall Sheriff Wiggins for not being able or willing to enforce the laws that he was elected to enforce.

Jeff Peters

Steamboat Springs


Cresean Sterne 4 years ago

I'm curious how JD Hayes would respond to all this. IMO he is as always been a respected community leader with fair and balanced views.


Scott Wedel 4 years ago

Well, JD is retired and has no need to say anything. Though, if he wanted to be elected Sheriff then I think he'd win easily.

I think the next SB City Council meeting will be an opportunity to ask Joel Rae if the new gun laws are, in his opinion, unconstitutional and whether they will be enforced in SB city limits.


Brian Kotowski 4 years ago

Go for it! I'll pop some corn and enjoy the show.


max huppert 4 years ago

We the people? funny that most things passed as law are not voted for by the people!!! But when the people do vote and the ones in power do not like the outcome they go about trying to change the rules to meet what they think is right,, example. Gay marriage in Cali, and the pot vote in colorado. I think life would be easier with only 10 laws,, like in the bible,, not 100 million.


Michael Staley 4 years ago

How about refusing to stop at stop signs when there are clearly no pedestrians or other vehicles around? Some intersections could be grandfathered in without stop signs, and there is no way to know by looking at the stop sign if it was put in with the intersection or after the fact..


mark hartless 4 years ago

I just love all the jackwagons on here that all-of-a-sudden think it is some huge catastrophe that a little law might not get enforced.

If I had to guess I'd say many, if not most of those spewing all the righteous indignation about how important the "rule of law" is, are the same folks who have been as quiet as mice about our borders not being enforced, how attorney general Holder ran guns to mexican gangs, how the Obama administrations "dream act" ignores the rule of law, how it is using drones to spy on American citizens, how it re-enacted the patriot act, refused to close Gitmo, and, locally, how the last sheriff DROVE DRUNK... on and on and on and on and on ....

Hellen Keller could see that, from Colorado to Washington DC, we now have the biggest "gangster government" in the history of the republic, but is THAT what concerns these fine citizens? Nope! What raises their concern is whether or not the local sheriff might not be willing to play along with demonstrably unconstitutional laws. I've never heard from a bigger bunch of transparent hypocrites.


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