Real Estate transactions for March 8 to 14, 2013


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■ 941 Lincoln Ave.

Seller: Wescoin LLP

Buyer: Andy Laroche

Sale date: March 8, 2013

Sale price: $499,000

Property description: 1,560-square-foot, two-bedroom, 2.5-bath Condominium R-2 with two fireplaces in The Victoria.

Listing agent: Arlene Zopf, Cindy Rogers and ChLoe Lawrence, Steamboat Village Brokers

■ 40635 Anchor Way  

Seller: Steven Dale and Lisa Joens Van Pelt

Buyer: Eugene and Julie Bridgewater

Sale date: March 8, 2013

Sale price: $215,500

Property description: 2,196-square-foot, four-bedroom, two-bath single-family home with full basement on 0.49-acre Lot 8, Filing 2 in Steamboat II. Built in 19759, remodeled in 2000 and sold for $275,000 in 2004.

■ 22524 Cheyenne Trail  

Seller: Matthew P. Mehall

Buyer: Thomas Rashid

Sale date: March 10, 2013

Sale price: $379,500

Property description: 2,795-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bath single-family home on 0.49-acre Lot 166 in Morningside I at Stagecoach. Sold for $363,000 in 2003.

■ 6985 Routt County Road 65  

Seller: Carol C. and Rita K. Barr

Buyer: Cody and Rhonda Sweetser

Sale date: March 13, 2013

Sale price: $140,580

Property description: 841-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath, single-family home with 1920s-era barn and outbuildings on 40 acres southwest of Hayden.

■ 1515 Anglers Drive  

Seller: George A. Bennett Jr. and Rosemary B. Bennett

Buyer: Judy T. Messer and Cory G. Hove

Sale date: March 14, 2013

Sale price: $900,000

Property description: 4,188-­­

­square-­foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bath single-family home on 2-acre Lot 23 in Fish Creek Meadows. Built in 1985, remodeled in 1992 and sold for $762,500 in 1998.

■ 2650 Medicine Springs Drive

Seller: Grant J. and Edith T. Bayless

Buyer: Roscoe J. Gorman and Geoffrey S. Gorman

Sale date: March 14, 2013

Sale price: $379,000

Property description: 2,636-square-foot, three-bedroom, four-bath Lot 25 in Waterford Townhomes. Sold for $399,000 in 2006.

■ 50585 Ormega Way  

Seller: Jeffrey A. Graber

Buyer: Jason L. Cribbs

Sale date: March 14, 2013

Sale price: $27,000

Property description: 0.58-acre Lot 81 in Meadow­green at Stagecoach. Sold for $117,000 in 2007.

Total sales — $2,540,580

■ 2250 Après Ski Way  

Seller: SV Timbers Steamboat LLC

Buyer: Leon A. and Michelle C. McNiece

Sale date: March 8, 2013

Sale price: $215,500

Property description: One-eighth share in residence club Unit 412 in One Steamboat Place.

■ 2320 Ski Trail Lane  

Seller: David A. Fleming Trust

Buyer: George and Louise Thornton

Sale date: March 14, 2013

Sale price: $133,333

Property description: One-third interest in 1,211-square-foot, three-bedroom, two-bath Ski Trail Condominium 301.

Total timeshare sales — $348,833

Photos courtesy of Steamboat Springs multiple listing service, Routt County Assessor’s Office and the Steamboat Pilot & Today


Dennis O'Connor 4 years, 1 month ago

I am wondering why the information provided about a sale is so inconsistant. Sometimes the sales history is provided, sometimes the Listing broker or even Selling broker and brokerage is provided. What is the purpose of randomly providing certain information to some sales, but not the same field or range of information of another? It appears random for a factual or record based report and has a negative effect on the report's credibility.


Tom Ross 4 years, 1 month ago

Hi Dennis

Those are fair questions

I report listing and selling brokers pertaining to Realtors with agencies who routinely (but at varying intervals) send me a spreadsheet with the information. They happen to be Prudential, SVB and Colo Group. I always get that information after I first post the transaction, sometimes it is more than a month later.

There are a couple of answers to your question about the sales history. We think it's great public info when it's available and compares apples to oranges. I search the property information at the county Web site. But we don't subscribe to the service that allows us to see the actual deeds. In the case of most bank-owned properties, I can't see the last market sale prior to the home going into foreclosure on the county records that are available to me.

In other cases, when the last sale was the sale of a piece of land or building lot, sometimes decades in the past, I don't report it --- it doesn't strike me as helpful to compare the sale of a structure to the original sale of the land.

Hope that provides some insight.

Tom Ross


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