Routt commissioners vote to ban marijuana on all county property


— The Routt County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to prohibit marijuana on all county property, and although they aren’t inclined to post the ban on the Routt County Courthouse, they are leaning toward a sign at the entrance to the Routt County Fairgrounds in Hayden.

“I’m not interested in putting signs on the courthouse,” Commissioner Doug Monger said. “But the fairgrounds might be appropriate.”

The resolution passed by the commissioners prohibits the sale, possession, use or display of marijuana on property owned by Routt County.

Assistant county attorney Erick Knaus reminded the commissioners that he had told them one week earlier that the primary means of enforcing the resolution would be through county officials advising people in violation of the ban of the situation. Failure to comply would result in trespassing, he said. This week, he added that any person who failed to comply with instructions from a county official or law enforcement officer to remove marijuana from county premises could be subject to arrest for a Class 3 misdemeanor.

“It does require posting to enforce a statute,” Knaus said. “But a notice also suffices. If a county employee or deputy approached and said, ‘That’s not allowable on this property,’ they would have to remove (the marijuana) or be subject to prosecution.”

The county fair board originally sought the ban after members wondered aloud what steps they would take if someone showed up at the fairgrounds in August with the intent of entering a marijuana plant in the produce contest. They took it a step further and voted in favor of seeking a ban of marijuana at the fairgrounds, where the annual fair is dominated by 4-H youth competitions.

The commissioners decided last week to direct Knaus to expand the prohibition to go beyond the county fairgrounds to include all county property, something Knaus assured them Amendment 64, which was approved by voters in November, expressly allows.

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bill schurman 4 years, 1 month ago

Reefer Madness is everywhere. Paranoia strikes deep...


Scott Wedel 4 years, 1 month ago

I think it is more the County saying that if you want to do a public event with pot then do it in a city or town that allows it. Otherwise, county could be in a position of allowing something in their land in or near a town that has outlawed that activity.


Mike Isaac 4 years, 1 month ago

Just what is up with these political hacks that hate freedom so much that they will go against the voters every chance the get. We just passed Prop 64 and they are pissed. On the State level the 2nd Amendment is being attacked by Front Range hacks with own State rep from here in Steamboat siding with those east of the tunnel. On the Federal level the Fascist got both barrels aimed at the 1st , 2nd 4th, and 10th Amendment along with the people with their 2 Billion bullets and drones. I hope that 14 and 16 will be the years that we begin the process of getting rid of them all regardless of party.


mark hartless 4 years, 1 month ago

Mike, What's up with the "pollitical hacks"??

You answered your own question.

And, in many cases, they ARE against the voters... and especially against taxpayers.

In spite of even a decisive voice from the people the political hacks think they know best... and they have the "audacity" (to borrow a word from King Obama) to defy the peoples will- and worse, the constitution-over and over and over.


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