Bear targets Toyota 4Runner in Steamboat Springs


— A bear opened yet another car door and caused damage while searching for food Thursday morning near Steamboat Ski Area.

This time, the bear opened the door of a Toyota 4Runner SUV. Once inside, the bear damaged the center console and dash, according to officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

The incident at 2450 Ski Trail Lane took place at about 4 a.m.

A bear previously had gotten into the garage and a freezer filled with food at the same residence. On Wednesday, it was seen on the deck eating birdseed.

Wildlife officers think it is one of possibly two bears that have been getting into cars in the area. A trap has been set to catch and relocate the bear.

Unlike when a bear damages or destroys livestock, Parks and Wildlife is not responsible for reimbursing damages caused to the cars, Area Wildlife Manager Jim Haskins said.

To prevent bears from getting into cars, wildlife officials are recommending that residents lock car doors.

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Cresean Sterne 9 months, 3 weeks ago

Well thats just not true.. Weather or not the cans are locked up or not, bears will get into cars, houses, tents, campers, etc.,.... Of course if a bear cant get to his usual feast he will try something else until he cant get in and moves on.. This is bear 101 for anyone who really understands what the typical bear here will do or in any mountain town. LOCKING UP THE TRASH CANS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.. Steamboat has to put a stop on the town trash buffet.. We are dealing with multi generations of bears that have been taught this and dont know any better. It is not the bears fault but rather our own choosing for the decisions that have been made over the years.. Just like camping in bear country you have to lock up or rope up your trash.. I thank the city for strongly enforcing this rule and would like to see this applied the all cans in town just like many mountain towns have adopted..... (again) ..... LOCKING UP THE TRASH CANS IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO...


Scott Wedel 9 months, 3 weeks ago

After 11 years of trying to deal with bears by focusing on locking up trash cans having no impact upon our bear problem then, at some point, it should be clear that locking trash cans is far from a working solution.

If the bear problem is important enough to yell that "locking up the trash can is the right thing to do" then it must also be important enough to have a solution which has the possibility of WORKING!!! Merely securing trash is proven not to work and SB is providing additional proof to that fact. Yet, that is still SB's sole solution to the bear problem and the only ordinance being considered is stricter trash can enforcement.

Seems to me that all successful bear programs have bear aversion as a major element so that bears are not freely roaming within the urban area. I don't know why SB is still so unwilling to consider what is necessary to having a successful program. Yes, securing garbage is part of that program as a bear getting an easy meal from garbage works against the bear aversion efforts.


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