Courtney Hill: Insensitive coverage


As a local who lives here, I am so outraged by the choice of the front page story on May 30, especially the vivid headline. While I realize this page is reserved for the biggest news, this was more than in poor taste. There was no consideration to the family, friends and schoolmates this impacted. As a small town, news already travels fast, and as a small town, it is the support and love that needs to be there for those who are suffering great losses or challenges. The Steamboat Today exhibited no part of this support and was in my opinion irresponsible and insensitive in their job. What if this were your family or a friend’s family?

Courtney Hill

Steamboat Springs


Kevin Chapman 3 years, 8 months ago

Thank You Courtney. I agree it was in very poor taste.


Jill Montieth 3 years, 8 months ago

I too, was taken aback by the close up picture on the front page of the Today. To get the idea of how many people attended, a better picture would have been from way, way back, or from up top Howelson. Personal space was violated here. Use better judgement, please.


Brian Kotowski 3 years, 8 months ago

What does being a small town have to do with anything? Is there a population threshold that would make it permissible to report the news, and beneath which a media blackout should be imposed? If our own recent marathon had been bombed, would it have been inappropriate to report on it because we're a "small town"? There are pros and cons to living in a free society. One of the cons may be that horrific tragedies like this one are newsworthy.


steve gadbois 3 years, 8 months ago

I am beginning to believe that cruel, "ill", thoughtless statements; or comments meant to inflame or criticize someone or something are a result of the instantaneous, social networking, blogging mentality, that it is alright to say ANYTHING to anyone, because once someone hits the "send" button - they incorrectly believe that the comment is gone and they can move on with life, feeling good about themselves. I am afraid there isn't much consideration out there anymore for how a comment might make someone else feel.


Scott Wedel 3 years, 8 months ago

It was odd when it was a breaking story and it was reported that grief counselors where dispatched to Soda Creek Elementary without parents knowing why. It is bizarre that information could be released to kids hours before being released to the public. Students at Strawberry Park Elementary were told of a friend to many of them being killed without their parents knowing what happened.

This paper used Routt County public records of ownership of a property as if that was a reliable way to determine whom lived at that address. The paper did the same thing for the Appel case. This paper's practice of using county ownership records in articles to suggest whom might be involved is a very sloppy habit because county ownership records doesn't say whom currently lives at that address.

The close up picture of children grieving felt exploitative. That was not needed to be printed on the front page. Typically, close up pictures of grieving children are not published. The kid's death being a murder vs an accident is not a sufficient reason to show close up pictures of children grieving.

The murder of a child is news and is going to be covered. Exactly how it was covered is subject to review.


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