From left, City Council Members, Jarrod Ogden, Don Jones, Tony Bohrer, Mayor Terry Carwile, Ray Beck, Gene Bilodeau and Joe Bird listen to community concerns about an ordinance that would prohibit recreational marijuana establishments in Craig.

Photo by Erin Fenner

From left, City Council Members, Jarrod Ogden, Don Jones, Tony Bohrer, Mayor Terry Carwile, Ray Beck, Gene Bilodeau and Joe Bird listen to community concerns about an ordinance that would prohibit recreational marijuana establishments in Craig.

Craig City Council introduces ordinance to prohibit retail marijuana establishments


— An ordinance to prohibit stores that grow, sell or test marijuana from setting up shop within Craig city limits was introduced Tuesday night to the Craig City Council.

“Either we adopt regulations now or we opt out,” contract attorney Sherman Romney said.

Some brought up concerns they had with the ordinance, namely that it would take business from Craig and divert it to Steamboat Springs.

“I would like to see this tabled for now,” said Jason Warf, who represented the only medical marijuana dispensary in Craig. “If you opt in and allow just the one business, you will get kickbacks from the state and sales tax.”

The ordinance will get its first reading at the next City Council meeting Aug. 13.

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bill schurman 3 years ago

Just think no marijuana in Craig America !! Get real.


rhys jones 3 years ago

Craig thus denies themselves a possible lucrative revenue source, and insures a healthy street business. Who needs 'em anyway?

"Keep the problem in the pockets of the businessman." -- Firesign Theatre


Brian Kotowski 3 years ago

From my old stomping grounds: Feds raid medical marijuana dispensaries in Washington state — where possession is legal

"One of the DEA agents said: 'This is your second raid and your third robbery. Why do you keep doing this?'"

Not sure what, if anything, it means for our neck of the woods. Popcorn's deployed though, so I'm ready to enjoy the show.


rhys jones 3 years ago

"I just told him it's because we just enjoy helping people, and he told us that he wasn't expecting that answer." Reply to DEA, from that article. It also said it's too bad the Feds don't get to see the cancer patients they help.

Unsure what differences exist between Washington's law, and Colorado's, where we have embodied it into our Constitution; nor how much that influences their enforcement policies; maybe Washington is the test ground... and maybe it's logistics, the Coast Guard being nearby there, in case of trouble...

"Just good training for the boys." -- Firesign Theatre


Scott Wedel 3 years ago

Washington State government has yet to implement laws and regulations for the sales of mj. So the mj stores were not operating according to state law. That is the big difference between other states and Colorado. Colorado is still the only state that regulates the mj business from seed to sale. Thus, if the feds were to bust a Colorado dispensary, or soon retail mj store, that was following the state rules then the State of Colorado would be expected to be in court opposing the feds. So far the feds have yet to bust a dispensary that the local state said was operating according to state law.

And that would be expected to be an interesting case likely to reach the Supreme Court. The precedence on personal mj was a split decision where the majority said there was no way to distinguish between the personal mj and the interstate mj drug trade. But in Colorado, the mj store can distinguish between what it is growing and selling from the interstate drug trade. So the state can argue that dispensaries and retail mj stores are not part of the interstate drug trade.

I think the feds prefer uncertainty in Colorado over a court decision. If they were to lose then every other state would know how to legalize. Even if they win then the decision could say how to try again so that the court will uphold it as legal next time.


rhys jones 3 years ago

The resident forum-poacher and self-proclaimed expert on everything ventures a well-researched legal opinion. Development, zoning, criminal law, politics, bicycling, flight programs, taxes, demographics, school boards, and these subjects just in the last week!!

My awe knows no bounds.

"Seed to sale" exists on paper only, is easily circumvented, thus the preceding argument and its conclusions are invalid, and I'm done pissing with this pest. Sorry, friends, couldn't resist.


jerry carlton 3 years ago

It is OK Rhys. You did not refer to OZ by his true moniker. Rockies have got to go on a 10 game winning streak or their hopes are fading.


Scott Wedel 3 years ago

Not liking me does not change the two underlying facts.

1) Feds have not busted any dispensary that was following state law on growing and selling marijuana.

2) Raich v Gonzales was a 6-3 decision with O'Conner Rehnquist and Thomas dissenting. The majority opinion focused on the issue that growing from personal use was producing mj indistinguishable from mj in the interstate drug trade. Colorado is the only state in which it can be argued that the mj being sold at dispensary or retail can be shown to have been grown in the state following state regulations.


Dan Kuechenmeister 3 years ago

That's OK Rhys - kind of reminds me of an old Tommy Roe song

Dizzy, I'm so dizzy my head is spinning Like a whirlpool it never ends And it's You #*@^! makin' it spin You're making me dizzy


rhys jones 3 years ago

Jerry -- I hold meager hopes for our hapless Rockies, though they are not as far back as usual for this time of year; stranger things have happened...

And I see the Whiz Kid is still at it, mis-interpreting the law again. The obvious flaw in the argument floated is the phrase "being sold at dispensary or retail" which, while even if true, only comprises a fraction of the marijuana sold in Colorado; most is grown and sold privately, unregulated by the State in any way, and fully in compliance with its laws (the growing anyway) which leaves the Raich decision in full force: It IS indistinguishable from mj in the interstate drug trade. What fool believes no dispensary pot ever crossed a state line, LET ALONE the private stuff? A sting operation would be easy.

(I apologize to stoners everywhere, I am not betrraying the cause, indeed, just pointing to further fallacies of the regime)(lawyers too, but the previous contributor (two back now) is a legal dolt; I've known better jailhouse lawyers)


Scott Wedel 3 years ago

The portion of mj that is grown and sold privately is illegal under both state and federal law.

The portion of mj that is grown privately and used personally is clearly illegal under federal law.

If a dispensary crosses over state laws then the state and the feds could bust the dispensary. Certainly, the state of Colorado would not defend the dispensary in federal court as having followed state laws keeping the mj out of the interstate drug trade.

I know two dispensary owners and they know that violating the state rules makes them far more of a target for the feds. I'd be surprised that a dispensary after having invested so much money to comply with state and local laws would fall for a sting and illegally buy or sell mj.

Fact remains that the only mj growers or sellers of any size that have not been busted by the feds are dispensaries following state law.


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