Carol Hinkle: Proofreader necessary


Like almost everyone, I always pick up a Steamboat Pilot & Today paper in the morning to read at lunch or break time.

Such was the case June 17, 2013. I opened it up to read and to my surprise a word in the headline was misspelled. The word was predicts, which was spelled predits.

The Pilot & Today is a wonderful paper, but maybe a proofreader is necessary to catch such a mistake. Most especially if it is on the front page in large letters.

Carol Hinkle

Oak Creek


Lee Cox 3 years, 9 months ago

Guess what - they do have proofreaders! They are called copy editors. To me, a copy editor in Steamboat is like a weather forecaster - mistakes are part of the job. You can think of it in two ways: it is a free paper and you get what you pay for; and "Dew knot trussed spell chequer two ketch awl mistakes." The copy editors have to actually READ the copy, not rely on spell checker.


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