Test your knowledge about Steamboat Ski Area



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Ski patrol in 1984. Pictured, from front to back, are Bob Godshalk, Bob Hines, David Crisler, Roger Perricone, Jerry Pearl and Steve Hayslip.

1 How did Steamboat’s famed tree skiing area Priest Creek get its name? Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with a clergyman.

2 At which Winter Olympics and in which event did Billy Kidd win his silver medal?

3 Name the now defunct bar in Gondola Square where Dave Matthews performed.

4 Name the three restaurants that made up the Golden Triangle.

5 What was the trail Rudi’s Run known as before it was named after Rudi Schnackenberg?

6 Why did Jean Claude Killy come to Steamboat Springs in 1984?

7 Name two of the chairlifts at Steamboat that were taken down and no longer exists.

8 Who was Ragnar’s Restaurant named after?

9 Who was Ted’s Ridge named after?

10 Name the sculptor who created the bronze bust of Buddy Werner at the top of Storm Peak. Name another bronze sculpture he is well-known for in Steamboat.

11 At which Winter Olympics and in which event did Billy Kidd win his silver medal?

12 Who is Nelson’s run named for and what is he best known for?

13 Name the female country western performer who was known to give impromptu performances at The Tugboat Grill & Pub during the week of the Cowboy Downhill.


1 Chester Priest, the first settler on the creek

2 1964, Innsbruck, Austria; slalom

3 The Inferno

4 The Tugboat Grill & Pub, Mattie Silk’s and Dos Amigos

5 Central Park

6 Killy came to dedicate Rolex

7 WJW and Arrowhead

8 Ragnar Omtvedt, Norwegian ski jumper

9 Former snowcat operator Ted Cordova

10 Jack Finney; Billy Kidd outside Bear River Bar & Grill

11 1964, Innsbruck, Austria; slalom

12 Nelson Carmichael; bronze-medal mogul skiing in Albertville 1992

13 Tanya Tucker


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