Colorado Rep. Jared Polis seeks to legalize marijuana at federal level



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U.S. Rep. Jared Polis

— Rep. Jared Polis again is trying to bring some calm to Colorado’s jittery marijuana industry.

Polis, along with Democrat Rep. Earl Blumenauer, of Oregon, introduced legislation Tuesday that removes marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act and shifts it from the Drug Enforcement Agency to be regulated by the renamed Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana and Firearms.

That Bureau, according to Polis’ proposal, would regulate marijuana like it currently does alcohol. States and municipalities still could choose to prohibit marijuana production, and it still would be illegal to transport marijuana to a state where it is prohibited.

The proposed legislation is among Polis’ many attempts to help an industry made legal by Colorado voters but still illegal in the eyes of federal law. In 2011 during the last Congress, Polis introduced a law to allow banks to carry business accounts of medicinal marijuana distributors and not face federal prosecution.

That bill never got a vote.

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