Colorado approves 9 retail marijuana licenses for Steamboat Springs


— Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division has approved nine retail marijuana licenses in the city of Steamboat Springs, according to a news release.

That figure includes only two licenses for retail stores, with five for retail cultivation and two for manufacturing infused products.

Businesses that have received a retail marijuana license from the state still must go through their local licensing process.

Currently, Rocky Mountain Remedies and Golden Leaf are going through the city of Steamboat Springs’ process for establishing a retail marijuana store. Rocky Mountain Remedies was on the state’s list of licenses, but Golden Leaf was not.

Natural Choice Co-op, which operates a medical marijuana clinic in Downhill Drive Plaza, received a license from the state but is not yet in the city’s licensing process.

Of the 26 jurisdictions listed by the Marijuana Enforcement Division as having a state license issued within its boundaries, the city of Steamboat Springs is second in number only to the city and county of Denver, which far outpaces every other area with 270 total licenses.


Scott Wedel 3 years, 4 months ago

The "journalist" didn't consider it relevant to ask Golden Leaf for a comment?

And the article's headline of 9 retail licenses is misleading because the state requires multiple licenses for one store. What is relevant is the licenses were approved for TWO stores in SB.

It is a bad headline that requires the public read the article to correct the false impression that the state approved nine retail stores in SB.

Less than a third of Colorado dispensaries even initially applied for retail. A retail store needs an approved retail cultivation. Having read the Golden Leaf land use application, I see that their application includes a cultivation area. So apparently since SB didn't finish the process of approving their application then the state couldn't approve Golden Leaf's retail application yesterday. In a couple of weeks after SB passes the second reading of the local approvals then apparently the state could approve Golden Leaf's application.

I believe that Mary's Meds in Oak Creek cannot proceed with retail because they cannot find a location for retail cultivation. OC is a funny place which allows mj cultivation only in the mixed residential/commercial district 7, but not in the primarily commercial district 1.


jerry carlton 3 years, 4 months ago

Only number two but we try harder! On our way to being Stonedtown USA! Makes my heart proud!


brian ferguson 3 years, 3 months ago

....already well on our way to "Drunky-town".....Merry Christmas everyone :)


Cresean Sterne 3 years, 3 months ago

Brian.. LOL... Mix alcohol with marijuana and we may get a Funky Skunky ~Town.... As of last week there were about 170 dispensaries that had applied for retail.. Only 6 would be ready for retail by the first of Jan. but that number has gone up a few.. One of the problems have been backed up applications by the state....The other is that many dispenseries have to remodel or open a seperate location in order to comply to state law.. Probably wont see to many open up until Feb~Mar.. ...CHEERS!!! & MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


JJ Southard 3 years, 3 months ago

Why dont you get your facts straight before you write an article, Pilot?


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