Denver band to play in Steamboat


Past Event

The Recovery Act

  • Saturday, December 14, 2013, 10 p.m.
  • Old Town Pub & Restaurant, 600 Lincoln Ave., Steamboat Springs
  • Not available / $5


— Lindsay French has encountered it on stage for most of her life.

The petite southerner can see a sense of doubt in the eyes of the people in the audience when she gets on stage.

“They have preconceived notions,” said French, who sings for burgeoning Denver funk, soul and rock band The Recovery Act. “They see a female up there and think it’s the same old dog-and-pony show, that I don’t have any soul. But I get it a lot at set breaks. People come up there and say ‘we saw you get up there and were blown away. Where is the next show?’”

French’s vocals certainly stand out in the six-piece band, but the groovy sound — teetering on jammy soul with twinges of funk and old school rock — make The Recovery Act one of Denver’s up-and-coming bands.

The band, which played earlier this summer at Old Town Pub to a packed house, returns at 10 p.m. Saturday.

The show is free.

“We’ve morphed into a super soulful, jam, funk, rock band,” French said of the band that formed two years ago.

What really drives the show is French’s booming and soothing voice. Self-described as “one of the most positive people that exists,” French’s voice comes off differently.

There’s a raspy soul to it, but it sounds like she sings with a purpose and a chip on her shoulder.

Raised in Arkansas, French grew up on Motown music. She said in her day-to-day life she tries to focus on the positive, but when it comes to writing and performing, there is an emotional aspect that emerges.

Whether it’s a failed relationship or past mishap, the emotion comes out in French’s voice.

“It’s a way to let it out,” she said. “It’s like I live two separate lives.”

The band includes Christian Mockett on guitar, Tyler Olmsted on bass, Adam Segalis on drums, Jeff "Bird Dog" Lane on percussion and Adam Williamson on keyboards.

The band currently is recording its first studio album in hopes of a spring release. The band has started to carve a niche in the Denver jam scene, but French said the band fashions itself as much more.

“We get a lot of the older crowd with that retro-throwback sound,” she said. “It appeals to everybody. We get the rockers, people that love blues and people that love soul.”

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