Elyse Craig: Downsides for locals


I realize how wonderful it is to have the Pro Challenge bicycle race come through Steamboat, but there are some downsides to this event for locals. I was chastised for going through a green light in town Tuesday. The patrol person followed me into my destination yelling at me in front of several people. I did not think I was in the wrong, but if I was, that was not the way it should have been addressed.

On Wednesday, I left a meeting 20 minutes early to get up Rabbit Ears to get to my house. Closing was to be at 1 p.m. I arrived at 12:50, and the pass already was closed. The officer indicated that the race was ahead of schedule. They were in Heney. The drive up from 20 would have taken me less than two minutes. I walked up Rabbit Ears (a mile and a half) to Timbers Preserve with groceries in hand. None of the event cars would stop. Fortunately, a CDOT truck stopped and drove me up our road. I am not one to usually complain, but it was quite frustrating to not be able to get to my own house following the rules.

Thank you.

Elyse Craig

Steamboat Springs


Michelle Hale 3 years, 7 months ago

I would like to know what the cost of this race was to CDOT (overtime), Troopers, Local Police and tax payer. There is a cost to people who use Hwy40 to make a living. Time is money. If I were to place a bet, I can see a major lawsuit being file against the town and county for poor crowd control that resulted in damages due to the grand crash at the end. Should be most interesting to watch.


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