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To offer your feedback on the 2013 Steamboat Today Reader Survey, visit

— The Steamboat Pilot & Today wants to know what readers think about its newspaper, website and digital initiatives. This information will be collected through the 2013 reader survey, launched this week at

In 2012, more than 800 individuals responded to the online survey, providing insight into readership habits that help shape the newspaper’s content. Last year, 81.1 percent of those who responded to the survey were Routt County residents. When asked how frequently they read the Steamboat Today, 37.2 percent of respondents picked up and read the print edition of Steamboat Today every day, and another 32.7 percent read the paper in print at least three to six times per week.

The most popular content, according to 2012 survey results, was News In Brief, Happenings and local human-interest stories and features. Local business, crime and arts and entertainment coverage outpaced readers‘ interest in government and education reporting, and outdoors stories were more popular than local high school sports.

The survey also indicated that readers access their news online and in print with more than 40 percent of 2012 survey respondents visiting daily.

Results from the 2013 survey will be used to guide decisions on how the newspaper delivers its news in print, on the Web and through social media. Survey responses also serve to help the news staff determine which news stories, columns and content matter most to readers. This information is used to allocate reporting resources and help guide news-gathering decisions.

The results also help chart what investments the newspaper makes in technology as more readers are accessing their news from their smartphones and other mobile devices.

In an effort to increase survey participation, the Pilot & Today is offering $75 in local savings ($25 each from F.M. Light & Sons, Chrysalis and Zirkel Trading) to every respondent who completes the survey. In addition, the newspaper will be giving away $100 prizes. Prize winners will be drawn at random from those who complete the survey.

Survey responses must be received by Aug. 31 to be eligible for the prize drawing.

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bill schurman 3 years, 8 months ago

You should distinguish between liberal or conservative columnists. I sometimes read a liberal position and never a conservative position. Also, Instead of lumping all comics together you should separate out Mallard Fillmore which is a vile / racist "cartoon".


Fred Duckels 3 years, 8 months ago

Mallard hits too close to home for some. Bill, if the left didn't have racism to saturate the news they would have to talk about their accomplishments.


Matthew Stoddard 3 years, 8 months ago

Looks like my vote to get rid of the annoying surveys to read a story won.


Dan Kuechenmeister 3 years, 8 months ago

"You should distinguish between liberal or conservative columnists" said Bill as he claims he never reads a conservative position. I am curious as to why you choose to not read them. Is it because you believe conservative columnists have nothing worth reading. I happen to enjoy reading all opinion pieces. I don't always agree with their philosophy but often times one can find some gems of wisdom and foresight from both sides. I loathe reading Krugman, who comes across as the biggest partisan hack of any of the syndicated opinion pieces published in our local paper, but read him I do. My guess is you already know which columnists are conservative and which are liberal. If you believe Mallard Fillmore is a "vile/racist "cartoon".", then my suggestion would be to treat the cartoon like you claim you treat all "conservative" positions and don't read it. As Mallard Fillmore is at the top of the cartoon page, one might consider it has already been separated out.


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